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Coulda Shoulda Riddim for Vincy Mas 2024: Pure Soca Vibe

Coulda Shoulda Riddim @Various Artists @Swick B @Dj Avalanche Oh man, do you know what time it is? Certainly, the time has come f… Read more

Jammaz Riddim by DJ Private Ryan ft. Skinny Fabulous, Swappi, Lyrikal & Motto | Soca 2024

"Jammaz Riddim" by DJ Private Ryan isn't just a song; it's a portal to a sun-drenched carnival, a pulsating inv… Read more

Hell Yea by Skinny Fabulous x Travis World | Soca 2024

Hold onto your beads, Soca Nation, because Skinny Fabulous and Travis World just dropped a track that's gonna have you shakin… Read more

Hurricane by Lyrikal x Skinny Fabulous | Soca 2024

"Hurricane" is the latest Power Soca anthem by Lyrical and Skinny Fabulous, two very popular Soca artists in the Caribb… Read more

Angle It by Skinny Fabulous | Soca 2024

Skinny Fabulous' "Angle It," released in 2023 for carnivals in 2024, ignites the dance floor with its infectious So… Read more

Real Life Riddim by Millbeatz feat. Lyrikal, Skinny Fabulous, Sekon Sta, Viking Ding Dong, Dev | Soca 2024

Image via Bing Images © Millbeatz Entertainment.   Sweet Soca music and yes, the Riddim releases are beginning to drop! Millbeatz… Read more

Time Bomb by Skinny Fabulous x Black Shadow | Soca 2024

Image via YouTube Music Video  © Troyton Rami Music/Skinny Fabulous.   Is she really a "Time Bomb"? Or is it that these… Read more

Do What Yuh Want by Skinny Fabulous x Mr. Killa x Asa Banton | Soca 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video © Skinny Fabulous x Mr. Killa x Asa Banton. Mama, lock up your daughters because when they hear thi… Read more

Mudda Wuk is Vincy Slang

Mudda Wuk is Vincy Slang; post created by  Sokah2Soca. “Mudda Wuk” is a slang term used in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The … Read more

All Night by Bunji Garlin x Fay Ann Lyons

Image via YouTube Music Video © Alex “Kubiyashi” Barnwell & Greg Hogan/Bunji Garlin x Fay Ann Lyons . Toss in the Vincy Soca … Read more

Rum & Road Riddim by Quincy Emanuels/Swick B | Soca 2023

Photo via Dj Easy YouTube music player © Rum & Road Riddim Project.   Today we feature the Rum & Road Riddim produced by … Read more

Happy Papi Riddim by Travis World x Dan Evens

Image via bing images © Happy Papi Riddim Project. Oh yes, we have new music produced by Travis World x Dan Evens and featuring … Read more

People Business by Teddyson John x Skinny Fabulous | Soca

Image via Riddimcracker & Bing Images. Flavor for the people; this is our selection from the Flavor Riddim produced by Motto … Read more

Best Friend Horn is the Worse Horn

Blogging can be a pain in yuh pwefen or rewarding at times. For most of us, blogging on Soca and culture is done for the love o… Read more

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