People Business by Teddyson John x Skinny Fabulous | Soca

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Flavor for the people; this is our selection from the Flavor Riddim produced by Motto of TeamFoxx for the Summer of 2021. We fully endorse the message in this song and for that reason, we chose to wheel this track all the way down in December 2021. Good vibes are just that, good for the season and it does not matter what season you prefer. So today, because of the message, because of the vibe we turn back the clock to the summer of 2021 for this excellent vibe entitled, "People Business".

Politicians see the people's business in a different light, they simply don't care and see about their own business. For everyday people, it would be better to mind your own damn business rather than expend your energy minding other people's business. We are all about positive energy. If you can uplift someone else because of your positive vibe, positive energy then that is love and very acceptable. However, if you continually mind other people's business because of envy or pure jealously then do yourself a favor and try to uplift your own situation. As we said, only positive vibes...

Just leave people's business alone, doh do dat! Just listen to Teddyson and Skinny and forget all the bad energy, live, love, and be happy for the success of others and your own development as a productive member of the community... Nuff said.

Just in time for summer, Saint Lucian super-producer and artiste Motto brings a healthy dose of island vibes with the Flavor Riddim - a cross-island collaboration featuring Caribbean superstars Charly Black (Jamaica), Machel Montano (Trinidad), Teddyson John (Saint Lucia), and Skinny Fabulous (Saint Vincent). With an Indian-inspired flute melody lacing a bouncy Dancehall Soca backbeat, every track on the riddim delivers the perfect sound for those eager to get back into the clubs, fetes, and concerts, and wine down low.

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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Song Title: People Business
Performed by: Teddyson John x Skinny Fabulous
Written by Teddyson John & Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle, Savion Monchery, Shemmy J
Produced by Lashley “Motto” Winter 
Vocal production by Danyl Daniel of Face Media Productions
Live bass by Stenick Aurelien
Mixed and mastered by Scratch Master 

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