Jammaz Riddim by DJ Private Ryan ft. Skinny Fabulous, Swappi, Lyrikal & Motto | Soca 2024

"Jammaz Riddim" by DJ Private Ryan isn't just a song; it's a portal to a sun-drenched carnival, a pulsating invitation to lose yourself in the infectious rhythm of soca. Released in 2024, the riddim boasts an all-star lineup of vocal powerhouses – Skinny Fabulous, Swappi, Lyrikal, and Motto – each bringing a unique flavor to a vibrant party scene.

Private Ryan sets the stage with a masterfully crafted riddim, a foundation of driving beats, shimmering synths, and playful horns. It's a sonic kaleidoscope, effortlessly blending traditional Soca elements with modern production flourishes. The result is an album that is both timeless and utterly fresh, instantly hooking you with its irresistible groove.

Skinny Fabulous steps up first, his signature raspy vocals weaving a tale of celebration and indulgence. He paints vivid pictures of wining and grinding, rum flowing freely, and the contagious joy of letting loose on the dance floor. He's the consummate party starter, urging everyone to join the revelry and embrace the carefree spirit of Soca. We are confident that there will be loads of "Wine Pon Yuh Fren" for Carnival 2024... no fighting, please!

Swappi follows with a lyrical barrage, his rapid-fire delivery peppered with witty wordplay and double entendres. He's the lyrical acrobat, effortlessly navigating the riddim's complexities with impressive flow and precision. Swappi's verses are full of braggadocio and playful taunts, adding a layer of playful competitiveness to the mix. Double Entendre flows all over these lyrics! Can you tell what "Bike" Swappi is singing about?

Lyrikal brings a smooth soulful touch to the mix, his rich baritone adding depth and texture to the riddim. He's the storyteller, weaving narratives of love, loss, and resilience against the backdrop of the pulsating beat. Lyrikal's verses offer a welcome moment of introspection, reminding us that beneath the surface of the carnival, there's a deeper emotional current. No other place like Trinidad and Tobago and no other woman can make Lyrikal sing like that!

Finally, Motto drops the mic with a swaggering, pure-fire verse. He's the hype man, injecting the track with an extra dose of energy and enthusiasm. Motto's lyrics are full of self-assurance and confidence, leaving no doubt about his presence on the soca scene. Finally, the Lucian Soca superstar seals the deal with some sweet jamming, just the way "Mr Jammah" intended.

Individually, each artist shines on "Jammaz Riddim," but it's the combination of their talents that truly makes the track come alive. Their diverse styles and personalities blend seamlessly, creating a dynamic and engaging listening experience. Whether you're a seasoned Soca enthusiast or just discovering the genre, "Jammaz Riddim" will get your heart racing and your feet moving. 

So crank up the volume, grab your friends, and prepare to be swept away by the infectious vibes of "Jammaz Riddim." It's a celebration of life, music, and the unbridled joy of soca, ready to transport you to a place where worries melt away and the only thing that matters is dancing until the sun comes up.

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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Album Title: Jammaz Riddim
Produced by: DJ Private Ryan 

Wine Pon Yuh Fren - Skinny Fabulous
Bike - Swappi
No Other - Lyrikal
Mr. Jammah  - Motto

Origin: SVG/NYC, Trinidad, Trinidad/NYC, Saint Lucia
Genre: Soca

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