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Tack Back (Live Sessions): Exploring the Rhythms of Kes the Band

Sweet Soca music is synonymous with Kes the Band. Today we present a live session performance of the song "Tack Back" b… Read more

DJ Jel's Trinidad Carnival Cool Down 2024: A Las' Lap Soca Extravaganza!

You know the saying: Good things come to those who wait, those who are patient, and for this post, those who love sweet Soca musi… Read more

Bad Gyals by Erphaan Alves: A Melodic Journey of Caribbean Rhythms

Are you ready for some Soca vibes? If so, you’ll love the new song “Bad Gyal” by Erphaan Alves, one of the hottest soca artists i… Read more

Catch The Road Ready Wave: Trinidad Carnival 2024 Road Ready Mixtape by DJ Kirsh

It is time to get on the road, and we think that doing it with family and friends is the real deal! For that reason, we are happy… Read more

Life After Fete by Kerwin Du Bois: Play It Safe for Carnival 2024

Image © "Life After Fete" is a perfect example of soca music's ability to create a party atmosphere and… Read more

In The Center: The Soca Hit That’s Taking Over The World

It is Carnival again; it is whining season and a time when double-entendre songs control Calypso and Soca; and for that reason, w… Read more

Private Ryan Presents Soca Brainwash 2024: The Short Season TNT 2024

Are you ready for the ultimate Soca experience? If so, you don't want to miss the latest mixtape from DJ Private Ryan: Soca B… Read more

Soca Passport by DJ Close Connection: Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2024

If you never experienced the brilliance of DJ Close Connection then today is your lucky day. This is an awesome collection of mus… Read more

All We Have by V'ghn x Destra | Soca 2024

Are you ready for the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2024? If you are ready, check out the latest release from Destra and V’ghn, tw… Read more

Sugar Waist by Kerwin Du Bois X Yung Bredda

Everyone needs a little sugar in their lives, for this is one of our favorite songs to groove to for carnivals in 2024. Look no f… Read more

Zessing his way to the top: Yung Bredda

Original image via YouTube Video If you are a fan of Soca music, you might have heard of Yung Bredda, the rising star from Trinid… Read more

Kayak Soca Mega Mix by Dj Glaj | Carriacou Carnival 2024

Trinidad and Tobago may be on a musical bull run for Carnival 2024, but just as the Twin Island Republic celebrates Carnival 2024… Read more

Power Soca Mix-Tape 2024 Trinidad & Tobago | BlackWidowSounds

BlackWidowSounds is a Philadelphia-based DJ who has been spinning Soca music for over a decade. Three brothers, one sound, Caribb… Read more

Soca Mixtape: The Road to Trinidad Carnival by DJ Scotch

"The Road To Trinidad Carnival 2024" is a soca mixtape by DJ Scotch that showcases the best of the genre in anticipatio… Read more

The Greatest Carnival by Mical Teja & Keshav | Soca 2024

Are you ready for the greatest carnival of your life? If so, you need to check out the latest soca anthem by Mical Teja and Kesha… Read more

Soca Switch Round One by DJ Jel | Soca 2024

This is a 'press play and enjoy' Soca mix tape presentation. “Soca Switch Round One” is a mix tape by DJ JEL, a popular S… Read more

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