Tack Back (Live Sessions): Exploring the Rhythms of Kes the Band

Sweet Soca music is synonymous with Kes the Band. Today we present a live session performance of the song "Tack Back" by Kes the Band. In the vibrant world of Soca music, Kes, as the band is affectionately known, captures the essence of our carnival spirit and the relationships that take place during carnival time. Just one look from her, which simply translates to "Daiz yours, baby, tack back," eases the tension, and what follows next is told in song and music by Kes the Band, with lead vocals by Kees Diefenthaler. 

"Tack Back" is a production by Tano; the song is a testament to the band's ability to blend multiple genres (creating a unique Caribbean sound) and create music that resonates with fans worldwide. The message in this rudeness vibe is all about the chemistry between two people drawn together by the sweet music of Kes the Band and Trinidad and Tobago's carnival culture. Enjoy some really sweet music, let your mind float away, and just enjoy the moment.

About Kes: YouTube Notes
Of the many musical acts that call Trinidad and Tobago home, perhaps none embody its polyglot culture more than KES, the eclectic Soca outfit behind some of modern Caribbean music’s most indelible anthems. Celebrated for Carnival hits (“Wotless,” “Savannah Grass”) and island pop jams (“Tuesday on the Rocks,” “Endless Summer”), the band has brought Trinidad to the world, sharing stages with the likes of Will Smith, Major Lazer, and John Legend.

For the group, charismatic singer Kees Diefenthaler (aka KES) and his brothers Jon (guitar) and Hans (drums), along with childhood friend Riad Boochoon (bass), blending Soca, Pop, Rock, Reggae, Calypso, Dancehall, and Afrobeat together is one part of their greater calling: to spread good vibes. The last three years have proven to be the most successful in the band’s decade-plus run. “Hello,” a fusion of Afrobeat and Soca originally released in 2017, continues to reach new audiences over seven years after its release.

With over 40 million plays on YouTube alone, it is one of the most streamed Soca songs of all time. We Home, a live project recorded during the COVID-19 quarantine, is the band’s first album in over five years, with fresh renditions of KES’ carnival classics showcasing their prowess as a live band par excellence.

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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Song Title: Tack Back 
Original song production by: Tano
Performed by: Kes the Band
Lead Singer: Kees Diefenthaler
Album: Man With No Door
Album Release date: March 29, 2024
Live Session
Origin: Trinidad, Republic of Trinidad & Tobago
Genre: Soca
Website: KestheBand

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