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Cut Meh Loose by Kes The Band | Soca 2024

Image via YouTube music video © Kes The Band x Travis World. Kes The Band and Travis World are playing with emotions and explorin… Read more

Baron & KES the Band | It's Christmas in Trinidad & Tobago

Image via Facebook Video © KES the Band/We Home Under One Roof. How can you go wrong with the sweet voice of Baron and the 'g… Read more

Kes | The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

Kes Speaks On Purpose, Soca Energy, Carnival Culture + More Here is something to watch and enjoy as your ambassador to the World,… Read more

The Tribute KES | Dj Marcus Williams

Photo © Dj Marcus Williams. We are always in search of Soca mixes or anything related to the promotion of our culture. Having sai… Read more

Jolene by KES the Band

The elusive Jolene by KES... this is what it sounded like when Kees performed the song for the virtual version of the Essence Fes… Read more

Kes the Band | Iz We Tour Miami 2021

Carnival fetes are alive and well in the United States with artists from Trinidad & Tobago headlining shows from Miami to New… Read more

Love Ah De Music | Kes ft. Joss Stone | Trinidad 2021

Joscelyn Eve Stoker, better known by her stage name Joss Stone embarked on a World music culture tour that brought her to Trinida… Read more

We Home Live Show | Kes The Band | Summer 2020

'Facebook Fan Page' . Use the search term  @sokah2soca  and don't forget to " LIKE US ". We are also on … Read more

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