Zessing his way to the top: Yung Bredda

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If you are a fan of Soca music, you might have heard of Yung Bredda, the rising star from Trinidad who has been making waves on social media with his catchy songs and energetic performances. Yung Bredda, whose real name is Akehenaton Lewis, is a Soca artist who started his career singing “Zess” Soca, a subgenre of Soca that blends dancehall, hip hop, and trap influences. Yung Bredda is about to dominate this music style and has embraced Zesser Soca, defined as a movement that defines a certain lifestyle and attitude of being cool, confident, and flashy. 

One of his most popular songs is "Ambiance," which was released in 2023 and has over 1.6 million views on YouTube. The song was composed by Optimus Productions, Akehenaton Lewis, and Jesse John and features a catchy hook and a groovy beat that makes you want to dance. The song also showcases Yung Bredda’s versatile vocals and lyrical skills as he sings about enjoying life and having fun.

Yung Bredda has been gaining a lot of attention and support from fans and fellow artists, both locally and internationally. He is one of the most promising and talented soca artists in the industry, and he is not afraid to experiment and innovate with his music. He is also a proud representative of his culture and his country, as he often incorporates Trinidadian slang and references in his songs. He is a true zesser, a term that means a cool and confident person who wears the hottest and most expensive clothing and jewelry.

If you have talent, then social media can garner attention to catapult one's career. That is exactly what happened with this artist: Yung Bredda capitalized on social media platforms to become popular on the local music scene. Tic Toc videos using his music have catapulted his name and music to the front and positioned him to rival the rise of some of the more popular Soca artists, who took years to gain international notoriety.

This gifted artist is well known by the younger generation, but that may not be the case for the 'more mature crowd'. If you are curious about his music, Yung Bredda's music is available on all major music platforms. As he continues to gain notoriety on social media platforms and as he becomes more recognizable in Trinidad, we expect Yung Bredda to dominate for years to come, especially with the younger generation. This young man is on the rise, and we wish him much success in the future.

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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Song/Title: Ambiance
Artist/Performed by: Yung Bredda
Producer: Optimus ProductionsTT
Composer: Optimus ProductionsTT
Composer: Akhenaton Lewis (Yung Bredda)
Composer: Jesse John
Origin: Trinidad, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Genre: Soca

Warning: Explicit Lyrical Content!

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