Best Friend Horn is the Worse Horn

Blogging can be a pain in yuh pwefen or rewarding at times. For most of us, blogging on Soca and culture is done for the love of it all. Sometimes you can fret over what to post and then there are times something simply falls in place for a cheeky blog post. Today is one of those days when an easy post comes to the keyboard; this one came in a pair of songs that were released today. We have new music with fun topics leading to a cheeky blog post. The subject is Horn. The dreaded 'Horn' that men love to share but can't handle the situation when it hits home. Today we put together two songs, one by Blackie entitled, 'Take Yuh Horn & Stay Quiet' and the other by Vincy Bad Boy Skinny Fabulous entitled 'Too Damn Wicked' (originally posted on our new music listing for the Sun Fun Riddim). The post was inspired by the Skinny Fabulous video with Blackie's song as the teaser. 

"Big man doh cry...She give the nanny away, why yuh give the nanny away"! That is a recipe for a serious case of the blues or as we say in the Caribbean... Tabanka because of a 'Horn' situation. It was the Mighty Shadow who sang, 'Yuh looking for Horn' and in that song, he gave advice on the subject and how to avoid 'getting horn'. What not to do to get a horn, a light bulb shone brightly in Skinny's head and he went to the extreme. She asked for $300.00 spending money, he gave her $1,000.00, a credit card, and his heart and soul. Player/Sweetman, throwing money at love is not the answer and never follow Sparrow's advice that 'all saltfish sweet' eh because 'what sweet in goat mouth does sour in he bam bam'... true West Indian talk!

This is where Blackie's song comes into play... this is the time to put up or shut up! Take yuh horn and stay quiet or find a bull-boy and share cut-arse! A best friend kind of cut-arse. 

We will have to wait for the next song with the answer to the outcome. Skinny Fabulous left us with a cliffhanger for the next episode of the horn segment. How the Vincy Bad Boy deals with his best friend treachery makes for good barroom conversation. The way this woman has Skinny whipped we believe that he will 'take his horn and stay quiet' but then again Maja Hype will surely go on Social media and gloat! The sequel will be very interesting. Maja Hype had the best cameo performance in the clip and looks like he was really having fun while Skinny pretended to be a 'bad-boy with a hard piece of wood in his hand... the only hardwood he could muster at that moment. Maja Hype was silly and responded, "Wait, wait, wait, hold on, this gyul wicked boi, I come to check you yuh know'... this was a friend in need and he had his full; with friends like that, who needs enemies?

All jokes aside, horning is not a good thing at all except for the one doing the horning and staying 100% in the dark. However, the best of friendships are ruined when temptation takes hold. Giving away the 'nanny' is one thing but breaking a man's heart, especially with his best friend, now that is just evil. So if you find yourself putting on your pants back for the front, yuh getting horn. If you find your best friend coming to your home too often, yuh getting horn; but the worse horn if your best friend giving you the best advice to make things good at home... sleep with one eye closed and the other open, just saying! Nothing hurts like a best friend's horn... Stay safe everyone!
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