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Vincy Soca Boost 2019 | RiddimCastMusic

We just love seeing the words Kick-Start and or Kick-Starter! We have our Kick-Start series (stalled but will be back)! It is… Read more

Vincy Soca Sampler 2019 | Mix-Master DJ Jel

We are back with DJ Jel for another mix-tape; we enjoyed the Trinidad mix-tape and said that we were going to 'run wid it&… Read more

In Excess | Fya Empress | Saint Vincent 2019

Today we feature a new track for Saint Vincent carnival 2019. The artiste is one of our favorites and a friend of Sokah2Soca..… Read more

Single | L Pank | Saint Vincent 2019

New music alert/L. Pank, SVG. I have to admit that I will continue measuring songs from this artiste with "Whole Night (M… Read more

Rum Do Dat | Skarpyon | Saint Vincent 2019

Blame it on the alcohol.. it's the rum that made me do it! That is like saying that the dog ate my homework... own it my … Read more

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