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Hadco Phase II Panorama 2024 Prelims - Gimme Everything: A Home Run with Fans!

Phase II Pan Groove, one of the most celebrated steel bands in Trinidad and Tobago, delivered a stunning performance of "Gim… Read more

Gimme Everything by Len Boogsie Sharpe feat. Kes and Keshav | Calypso 2024

If you are looking for a song that will make you want to dance, sing, and celebrate the spirit of Carnival, look no further than … Read more

Dutty Flex by Kes the Band | Soca 2024

When Kes drops a new track, you know it's going to be fire. And "Dutty Flex" is no exception. It's not just a s… Read more

Fuh Spite by Kes the Band | Official Music Video

Just "Fuh Spite," we are back with Kes the Band and their anthem from January 2023. Today they debuted the official mus… Read more

Banga by Kes | Soca 2024

Image via YouTube video © Kes/Taino. What mischief are Kes and Tano up to with this "Banga" song? He is using the term … Read more

Murder She Wrote Medley by Shaggy & Kes | BBC Radio 1Xtra

Image via YouTube music video © Shaggy, Kes & BBC Radio 1Xtra.  Here is an interesting combination of musical vibes for just … Read more

Shaggy & Kes on the Tamron Hall Show | Mood

Image © Tamron Hall Show The Tamron Hall Show is a popular and critically acclaimed talk show that features a mix of celebrity in… Read more

Liki Tiki by Kes x Maoli x J Boog x J Perry | Reggae Remix Version

Images via YouTube/Bing © Liki Tiki Reggae Remix Production Team Liki Tiki by Kes featuring J Perry is a hit song! The original v… Read more

Mood by Shaggy ft. Kes

Images via Bing/LunaPic © Shaggy In recent times, Jamaicans and Trinidadians have been working together on some sweet music colla… Read more

HoneyComb by Kes x Michael Brun x Busy Signal | 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video © Kes x Michael Brun x Busy Signal Damn, this one is so sweet, sweet like honeycomb! Kes never disa… Read more

Fuh Spite by Kes | Soca 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video/BackgroundsForFree   That is all she wrote people, no need to look anywhere else for the song that … Read more

High Street Riddim by Tano | Mega Mix by DjKquickLive

Image via YouTube Music Video © Tano Music Productions How yuh bad so! You are going to hear that line in this mix and to tell yo… Read more

Liki Tiki | Kes ft. J Perry | Soca 2022

Blended images via Microsoft Edge browser © Liki Tiki Project   Carnival 2023 is going to be something else for sure! Pent-up emo… Read more

Do We Ting by Lord Nelson & Kes | Soca 2022

Image via Bing images © Do We Ting Project.   Ah ha, this song is solid and we have to add it just rocks with good vibes! If you … Read more

Live Yuh Life (Like Yuh Playing Mas) by Kes feat. David Rudder

Blended Abstract and Photo Images via Bing Images. Photo Image © Kes The Band. Unity is the message that the writers of this son… Read more

For The Love of Our Culture | Keep Jammin' On

Image via Bing Images.   For the love of culture and carnival, we need to keep jammin' on! Now let's deal with reality, i… Read more

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