Gimme Everything by Len Boogsie Sharpe feat. Kes and Keshav | Calypso 2024

If you are looking for a song that will make you want to dance, sing, and celebrate the spirit of Carnival, look no further than “Gimme Everything” by Len Boogsie Sharpe feat. Kes and Keshav. This song is a new calypso anthem for the Panorama Steel Band competition, which showcases the best steel bands in Trinidad and Tobago. This is the song to watch, this is "Gimme Everything" A New Calypso Anthem for Panorama.

Boogsie, as he is fondly known, is a steel pan maestro who has won seven Panorama Titles with Phase II Pan Groove He (Boogsie) composed, arranged, and performed the music for this song. He is the proud recipient of an honorary doctorate from the University of the West Indies for his steelpan prowess and contributions to the art form. In this song, he collaborates with Kes, the lead singer of the band Kes The Band, and Keshav, a young and talented percussionist, producer, singer, and songwriter. He (Keshav) is also half of the "Jus Now" (@jusnowmusic) production team. 

The lyrics for this song were written and performed by Kees Difenthaller of Kes The Band. He is a versatile and charismatic vocalist, who has won several awards and accolades for his music. Kes, if you did not know,  is the 'girls dem darling'. He is also a passionate advocate for the culture and heritage of Trinidad and Tobago.

The song is a catchy and upbeat tune that celebrates the joy and excitement of playing and listening to steelpan music. Look, this song has a vibe and should be a favorite for Carnival 2024. The lyrics are a call to action for the steel bands and the audience to give their all and enjoy the moment. The chorus goes:

Gimme everyday gimme everyday
Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme everything
Gimme everyday
Gimme everyday
Darling gimme everything 

The song also pays tribute to all the women who support steel bands "feeling the magic of the pan" every carnival season. "Gimme Everything" is a perfect fit for the Panorama Steel Band competition but watch for it to be played by one band, Hadco Phase II Pan Groove. The Panorama competition is an integral part of Carnival and this is going to be an interesting year. Wouldn't you love to see Boogsie and Kes get their just dues?

The song is available on all major streaming platforms for downloading and streaming. If you are a Calypso, Soca, or Steelpan music fan, you will definitely enjoy this song and appreciate the talent and passion of the artists involved. If you are unfamiliar with these genres, this song will introduce you to a rich and vibrant musical tradition unique to Trinidad and Tobago. Either way, you cannot resist the urge to dance, sing, and give everything for Pan.

YouTube Music Notes:
Gimme Everything is an ode to Pan in the ‘Big Yard’, which comes together by an unexpected collaboration between Pan Virtuoso & Maestro, Dr. Len ‘Boogsie’ Sharpe, Soca Superstar ‘Kes’ & Superproducer ‘Keshav’. This record aims to bring Pan back into the Party, on the Road & in the Fete with a collision of timeless Steelpan melodies & 21st century Soca. Kes’ vocal refrains are set to ring out magnificently, with World-renowned Hadco Phase II Pan Groove playing ‘Gimme Everything’ as their song of choice for Panorama 2024.

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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Song Title: Gimme Everything
Composed, Arranged, and performed by: Dr. Len ‘Boogsie’ Sharpe
Performed and written by: Kes
Produced by: Keshav
Mixed & Mastered by: Keshav 
Executive Produced by HADCO Phase II
Guitar/Bass/Keys by: Damyon Alexander  
Pan by: Dr. Len ‘Boogsie’ Sharpe
Recorded at Kin Sound Studios - Trinidad
Origin: Trinidad and Tobago
Genre: Soca

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