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Good Advice by Queen Victoria | Calypso 2023

Image from Trinidad and Tobago Newsday © This is the vein that most Calypsos today are based on, social and or poli… Read more

Trinibad by Stacey Sobers | Calypso 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video © Stacey Sobers Kaiso, Kaiso, and year we had to say it two times for this excellent calypso sung b… Read more

D Ting Fix by Duane O'Connor | Calypso 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video © Duane O'Connor/Junior "Ibo" Joseph Today we are posting a new Calypso release from … Read more

Kaiso by Viking Ding Dong | Soca 2023

Image Via YouTube Music Video © Freestyle Riddim Project  Today we present a song entitled "Kaiso" sung by Viking Ding … Read more

Calypso Classic | Below the Surface by Mystic Prowler

Blended images via Bing images. The Golden Age of Calypso, the formative years (1934-1950) brought about change in Calypso and ga… Read more

The Mighty Sparrow Soca Anthology: Dr. Bird

Here at Sokah2Soca we sometimes like to look back to a time when the lyrics meant everything to the song. Calypso is the father… Read more

The Silent Majority | George Rampersad | Denmark/Trinidad

This is a very simple post with a song that could be considered simple but has so much weight when one takes in the message in th… Read more

Great Is Calypso | Carlton Louison | Trinidad & Tobago

Through Calypso music, all stories are told! Today we feature a song that does just that. This one comes home with a story abo… Read more

58 Years of Independence Calypso Classics | Mr. Desmond

This is a special mix done for all Calypso loving fans around the World. As we celebrate the 58th anniversary of our nation&#… Read more

Leggo | Breakaway Calypso

Leggo! What does the word "Leggo" mean as it relates to the music and culture of Trinidad and Tobago? Just a remi… Read more

Vintage Kaiso Mix Episode 3 | Mr. Desmond x Sokah2Soca

This is 'Episode 3' of the Vintage Kaiso Series of mixes done by Mr. Desmond and presented for your listening pleasu… Read more

Vintage Kaiso Mix Episode 2 | Mr. Desmond x Sokah2Soca

Today we continue on our travels through time; our stories as recorded by our Calypso masters! This is Vintage Kaiso Mix Epis… Read more

Vintage Kaiso Mix Episode 1 | Mr. Desmond x Sokah2Soca

We understand the pain that Covid-19 has brought to the shores of Trinidad and Tobago and the rest of the World. In these dif… Read more

No Pan | Sugar Aloes | Trinidad & Tobago 2017

The Sugar Daddy of Calypsonians, Michael Anthony Osuna,  has something special for the Steel Pan. The song is entitled "No P… Read more

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