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International Power Soca Monarch Semi- Finals Order of Appearance 2014

The following listing of the Play Whey International Power Soca Monarch Semi-Finals Competition provides the names of the artist… Read more

International Groovy Soca Monarch Semi- Finals Order of Appearance 2014

Here is the order of appearance for the  Digicel International Groovy Soca Monarch Semi-Finals Competition that will take place … Read more

Unruly | Terri Lyons | Trinidad & Tobago 2014

"Vibes Meh Say - this is a wicked track!" This is new music from the beautiful Terri Lyons and she is smoking on thi… Read more

Socaholic | Ricardo Drue | Antigua/Trinidad 2014

Ricardo Drue is addicted to Soca music and because of this  transgression he is taken away for treatment at a rehabilitation. Ta… Read more

Ram Jam | KES | Trinidad & Tobago 2014

Here comes KES the band with lead singer Kes tearing up the vibes with this Power Soca track entitled "Ram Jam" for … Read more

We Bringing It | Ronnie McIntosh | Trinidad & Tobago 2014

Ronnie McIntosh is back with a bang. Apparently Super Blue's success from last year has added some serious testosterone to t… Read more

Happiest Man Alive "HMA" Official Video | MMHD 2014

I don't ususally dedicate a post for a video release since I post a video that I like on the side bar. However, this is Mach… Read more

Riddim For D Road | KI & 3Veni | Trinidad & Tobago 2014

This is another new release from KI & 3Veni  and it is a good one indeed. If you have been paying attention to this young … Read more

Chutney Soca Monarch Semi Finalists | Trinidad 2014

Last year's Chutney Soca Monarch, Raymond Ramnarine, will defend his title next Saturday February 1, 2014 despite being shor… Read more

4D Carnival | Swappi 4D | Trinidad & Tobago 2014

Yes, Yes and Yes again! Sweet, sweet music from Marvin "Swappi 4D" Davis for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2014. The so… Read more

Touch D Road | Shal Marshall | Trinidad & Tobago 2014

This song sounds like it has what is takes to make some musical waves in the Power Soca category but for some reason I feel like… Read more

We Drinkin | Arri Peters feat. D'Chancellor | Trinidad 2014

This song was brought to my attention by an acquaintance who asked me to feature the song. The song is entitled "We Drinin&… Read more

Dutty De Road | Destra Garcia | Trinidad & Tobago 2014

Just when you thought the race for the control of the road on Carnival Monday and Tuesday and that Machel's "Ministry O… Read more

International Soca Monarch (Groovy & Power) Semi-Finalists 2014

Here are the listing of names for the International Soca Monarch Competitions that take place during Trinidad and Tobago Carniva… Read more

Jab Jab Riddim | Iwer, Olatunji, Tallpree/Millbeatz | 2014

Jab business is crossing over and coming to Trinidad with a sweet rivalry brewing up between Iwer George and Tallpree. Grenada… Read more

We Mad | KI & 3Veni | Trinidad & Tobago 2014

KI & 3Veni, Precision Productions and WeMad music writers have come together to bring this uptempo Soca production entit… Read more

No Roti No Dohti | Rikki Jhai | Trinidad & Tobago 2014

"If you don't make the roti then there will be no dhoti later" - read whatever you want into that statement but kn… Read more

Man In Yuh House | Cassie | Trinidad & Tobago 2014

This is a song that many egotistical Trinidadian males will love for sure. The song was released back in November 2013 but has b… Read more

Ah Playing Mas | Rupee | Trinidad/Barbados 2014

"Ah Playing Mas" is the name of the song offered by Bajan singer Rupee for Carnivals in 2014. The song is a production… Read more

Machel Montano Band Rehearsal | Haunted | Carnival 2014

Here is an interesting video clip provided by the Machel Montano HD camp. The video shows Machel and the HD Band in rehearsal. I… Read more

Breaking All The Rules | Mr. Stinky & Mr. Killa | Trinidad 2014

This song is about breaking all the rules (in a relationship that has issues) but then again this is about the music and this so… Read more

Addicted | GBM Nutron & Shal Marshall | Trinidad 2014

If you are 'hooked on Carnival' and you simply can't get enough or when it is all over you experience Carnival Taban… Read more

On The Road | JUMO | Guyana Mashramani/Trinidad 2014

They call it Mash (short for Mashramani) in Guyana when the nation celebrates Republic Day but it can also be looked upon as Guy… Read more

Show Your Colors | Sheldon Blackman | T'dad/Tobago 2014

The Lord Shorty (Garfield Blackman) must be dancing in his grave because his children are making excellent music. This one is … Read more

Trinbago Nice | Orlando Octave | Trinidad & Tobago 2014

What kind of mood are you in at this very moment? If you are a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago and live 'in foreign' then… Read more

Anger Management | Prophet Benjamin | Trinidad 2014

Are you feeling stressed out and disillusioned and want to lash out at someone or something? Hey that is exactly what is going o… Read more

Soca Run Town | Bunji Garlin/Jus Now | Trinidad 2014

Here comes Bunji Garlin again with another offering for Carnival 2014. On January 21, 2014 he dropped "Find Me In Trinida… Read more

By The Truck | Michelle X | Trinidad & Tobago 2014

This looks the year that songs glorifying music trucks on the road on carnival day become en vogue for festival 2014. We have an… Read more

Popcorn Riddim | Denise & Olatunji | T'dad & Tobago 2014

This is the other Riddim dropped today by 'MadMen Producers'. This is Soca on steriods or you can simply call it EDM (El… Read more

Gyal Song | Swappi & Kes | Triniadad & Tobago 2014

Wicked, This is the bacchanal vibe for 2014! This is new music from Swappi and Kes featured on the Bubble Riddim produced by Mad… Read more

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