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Family Matters | Calypso Monarch Finals Trinidad 2017

Now that TUCO has qualified Lady Gypsy for the Calypso Monarch finals we can delve in some trivia. Kurt Allen has a post rega… Read more

TUCO Bows To Pressure | Lady Gypsy is a Finalist | 2017

Lady Gypsy Has Been Upgraded To Calypso Monarch Finalist | Fya Empress has been disqualified because of Citizenship! &q… Read more

Women Dominate Calypso Monarch Semis | Trinidad 2017

Women Dominate the Trinidad and Tobago Calypso Monarch Semi Finals | Carnival 2017 The recently concluded Calypso Fiesta… Read more

Calypso Monarch Finalists | Trinidad & Tobago 2017

© photo courtesy CNC3 Calypso Fiesta was a success in many respects. However, there was one performance that caught everyone… Read more

National Calypso Monarch Semi Finalists | T'dad & Tobago 2017

This is the official TUCO announcement. Double click on the image to expand it.  On Saturday February 18th. 2017 the… Read more

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