Family Matters | Calypso Monarch Finals Trinidad 2017

Now that TUCO has qualified Lady Gypsy for the Calypso Monarch finals we can delve in some trivia. Kurt Allen has a post regarding siblings in the Calypso Monarch finals. Is this a first? Well let's add to the conversation.

Lady Gypsy is the mother of Fay Ann Lyons-Alvarez. Fay-Ann's dad is Austin 'Super Blue' Lyons. Now Terri Lyons is also in the Calypso Monarch Finals and is Fay-Ann's sister (paternal). So now we can add Terri Lyons to the family in the Calypso Monarch Finals. Here is the thing, in Trinidad everyone is related and in this case Terri Lyons is considered family at least 'pumpkin vine family'.

If one of these contestants win or should they place in the top three that will go down in the history book for sure. We want to add one topic for discussion. Remember this is just an opinion and we don't think we know it all... and the story keeps turning on (you really don't want to hear that story). 

So here is the thing, "Plight of My People", sung by Lady Gypsy is a sore point for many supporters of the ruling People's National Movement (the present government).It is our opinion that she should sing another song for the finals and she has a very good second song! We believe that she has a better chance singing "Lil Country Band". The song is really good, tells a story about a band from Rio Claro, gives some cultural history of the district. We believe she should sing that song... what is your opinion?

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