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Rough Wine Remix | Machel Montano x Ultimate Rejects | Trinidad & Tobago 2018

This is a Trinidad and Tobago 'after carnival' remix of Machel Montano x Precision Productions 'Rough Wine… Read more

Bacchanal & Water (UR Remixx) | Bunji Garlin x Ultimate Rejects | Trinidad 2018

A remix is supposed to give you something different, something that makes you want to hear the song all over again 'will… Read more

Show Me (Remix) | Abdiel ft. Machel Montano | Trinidad 2018

It is the weekend and we wanted to usher you into the weekend on a sweet note. It was a wonderful year for Groovy Soca in Tr… Read more

Soca Kingdom Road Mix vs Showtime Road Mix | Choose Your Song!

It is a foregone conclusion that Marchel Montano will take the Road March title for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2018. The … Read more

Power Generation EP | Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2018

Photo Copyright belongs to Looptt From Left, Kasey Phillips, Jelani "Pops" Shaw and Kit Israel Everyone sh… Read more

For The People | Ultimate Rejects | Trinidad & Tobago 2018

So you think that all the new music were released and that was it... wait for it, we have a new music release 'for the … Read more

Year For Love | Voice | Our Song of the Year!

If one has to choose one 'riddim' for Trinidad and Tobago carnival 2018 then that one should be the Upendo Riddim. … Read more

The Jamettery | David Rudder | Trinidad & Tobago 2018

King Rudder has released new music for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2018. The song is entitled "The Jamettery". A… Read more

Touch Down | Kerwin Du Bois | Trinidad &Tobago 2018

This song was released a few weeks ago (back in December) but can't seem to garner the appreciation it deserves. The me… Read more

Soca Kingdom | Machel Montano x Super Blue | Trinidad & Tobago 2018

"Look The Devil Dey"... no, look at winin' people dey! Did you say that you  wanted a song with all the hype … Read more

Perfect World | Voice | Trinidad & Tobago 2018

Voice is singing for his Carnival family with this offering for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2018. The song is entitled &qu… Read more

Feelin | Chuck Gordon | Trinidad & Tobago 2018

'Feelin' by Chuck Gordon is an excellent song however, we don't think that it will have any impact on Carnival 2… Read more

Machel Montano New Music Releases 2018 | Trinidad & Tobago

Fans of Machel Montano can catch up with all of his new music with this play-list. Once again the Monk is bringing us sweet mus… Read more

Glory | Kes Ft. Diztrict 7 | Trinidad & Tobago 2018

This one is all about the glory of carnival and bacchanal. This is new music for Trinidad and Tobago carnival sung by Kes ft… Read more

Unacceptable | Kerwin Du Bois ft. Diztrict 7 | Trinidad & Tobago 2018

This is new music for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2018. The song is entitled "Unacceptable" sung by Kerwin Du Boi… Read more

I Am African | Calypso Rose ft. Bunji Garlin | Trinidad & Tobago 2018

The great Calypso Rose has teamed up with Bunji Garlin to bring you a song entitled "I Am African" for Trinidad … Read more

Soca Storm | Close Connections | Carnival Foreplay Edition 2018

It has been a while since we posted a mix-tape on the main page. All of our mix tapes are now posted to the Soca Mix-Tape p… Read more

Permission Granted | Ataklan | Trinidad and Tobago 2018

Have you been waiting on that J'ouvert morning jam? Well Ataklan has a song entitled "Permission Granted" tha… Read more

Cool But Deadly | Bunji Garlin, Fay Ann Lyons & M1 | Trinidad and Tobago 2018

Look what we have for you today; something special from the Ragga Soca guys from back in the day and Fay Ann. This is new m… Read more

We Here For That | Bunji Garlin | Trinidad and Tobago 2018

This is the Power Soca offering for Carnival 2018 form Bunji Garlin. The song is entitled "We Here For That". If you… Read more

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