The Jamettery | David Rudder | Trinidad & Tobago 2018

King Rudder has released new music for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2018. The song is entitled "The Jamettery". Ahem, yes we said 'Jammetery' and we understand that the undertone of the work 'jamette' is not a savory one. But hold on now, did David Rudder just make 'Jamettery' cool? Oh, what are you talking about Mr. Drummond?

We invite you to listen to the song and better yet, follow the lyric video to get a better sense on the lyrical content. After listening to the song please use the comment feature of this posting to share your thoughts about the song.

We have also added an excerpt from an article sourced from the carnival national archives of Trinidad and Tobago. Read it too before sharing your thoughts about the song. Again we ask the question, did David Rudder add some 'cool' to this saucy word jamette?

The following excerpt was taken from: The Carnival of the Underworld – Trinidad’s Jamette Carnival.

The era of the Jamette Carnival was characterised by the cannes brulees, sexual displays and violent gang rivalry.

The word “Jamette” comes from the French word “diametre” and this referred to the class of people below the diameter of respectability or the underworld.  Essentially, this referred to the individuals who were part of the urban working class who lived in the barrack ranges of Port of Spain. In a broader context it also included all those who participated in Carnival celebrations. A description of the Jamettes can be found in The San Fernando Gazette of 1871,

“… hordes of men and women, youthful in years but mature in every vice that perverts and degrades humanity, who dwell together in all the rude licentiousness of barbarian life: men without aim, without occupation and without any recognized mode of existence – women, wanton, perverse and depraved beyond expression.”   

These individuals however, were to be the main participants in Carnival by the 1860s as the white elite removed themselves from the celebrations. Even though they removed themselves from these celebrations this did not mean that they did not object to what became known as the Jamette Carnival.


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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Song Title: Jamettery
Performed by: David Rudder
Written by: David Rudder(COTT) and Gregory Assing (PRS)
Produced by: Gregory Assing.
Mixed and Mastered by: Andrew Denny.
Executive Producers: Smokey Joe music, Gregg X Music , Write Rudder music (cott)
Overdubs : Jeremy Ledbetter
Lyric Video by: Lee Designs Ltd.
Footage by: Candice Lee

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). No copyright infringement is intended! We encourage you to promote the artists and their music; please don't share the music and rob the artists of needed income!
♫Please press the music player button below to listen now (small triangle in circle).


Trinidad is a jamette yeah-a
Trinidad is a jamette, wo ou woh ho
Jam it jamette!

Verse 1

Marabunta Jean, well she was a prophet
Was the first woman to wave an honest flag
The naked streets, was she only temple
Now she all over Trinidad

Chorus 1

So don’t you be a stranger, taste the sweetest danger
Welcome to the jamettery
The world is going this way, Trinis going THAT way
Welcome to the jamettery.

Verse 2

Jamettery is a force, a possession like no other
It’s a sleeping power, a creeping dread
Stepping across the land like a dancing La Diablesse
This jamette world could t’ief yuh head. So..

Don’t you be a stranger, taste the sweetest danger
Welcome to the jamettery
Three-piece suited con man, “three quarter”wearing gunman
Blazing a new world for we.


Jamette power, spreading like flood water, all over the land yeah, yeah (repeat)
Jamette power (x4)

Strength and powers!


Don’t you be a stranger, taste the sweetest danger
Welcome to the jamettery
Feel the jamette power, live it for the hour
Welcome to the jamettery

Verse 3

Marabunta Jean, well she was a prophet
Was the first woman to wave an honest flag
The naked streets, was she only temple
Now she all over Trinidad.

Don’t you be a stranger, feel the sweetest danger
Welcome to the jamettery
Take it to the streets man, sorrow has a “sweet han’”
Welcome to the jamettery

A disciplined confusion, a realitied Illusion
Welcome to the jamettery
This place is such a hot mess, powerful but careless
Mouth done cock, and backside free.

Jamette power, jamette power
Yes we do it naturally. Oh ou oh ou woh ! Feel it!
Jamette power, feel it.

Give yourself a reason, join the sweetest treason.
Welcome, welcome, welcome yeah.

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