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Soca Music 2021 | Trinidad & Tobago

We are starting a new listing for songs intended for fetes in 2021. Dare we say Carnival 2021? Only time will tell. Sigh... in … Read more

Dis Iz D Band | Kerwin Du Bois | Trinidad & Tobago 2017

Here comes Kerwin Du Bois with a song produced by Diz7rick; this one is entitled "Dis Iz D Band. This is the bacchanal … Read more

Carnival Love | Kevin Dodds | Trinidad & Tobago 2017

Can you feel it? Well, you need to listen to Kevin Dodds to understand what he is feeling for Carnival 2017. The song is entit… Read more

Sugar Mammy | Lord Nelson | Trinidad & Tobago 2017

Everyone loves to listen to Lord Nelson sing. After hearing Calypso Rose release new music earlier this year we had hope. … Read more

Girl Born To Wine (Official Music Video) | Shurwayne Winchester | 2017

Girl Born To Wine, the redux edition, comes to you with the music video that should have accompanied the song back in 2014! H… Read more

Getfamiliar Soca Mix Trinidad & Tobago 2017 | DJ QuickLive

We have people... this is the first mix released for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2017. The mix was done by DJ QuickLive. E… Read more

Soca Music, the Heart and Soul of Trinidad & Tobago's Carnival!

This is a re-post taken from the 'Pages' section of this Blog. I decided to place this in the general blog space to make… Read more

Don't Tell Me | Machel Montano | Trinidad & Tobago

I was listening to some of the older songs tonight and came across this one from Machel Montano that fits the bill for all tho… Read more

Innocent | Kurt Allen | Trinidad & Tobago 2014

The former Calypso Monarch of Trinidad and Tobago has Soca in his blood and today we feature his latest Groovy Soca release enti… Read more

Thunder Roll | J Prince | Trinidad & Tobago 2013

A time and place for everything and indeed this one has come at a time just when the calm before the storm erupts for new Soca… Read more

Bend Over | Machel Montano feat. Lady Gaga | TriniLion

It is never too late to 'wheel that song and come again' especially when it is a Machel Montano song! Bend Over is the n… Read more

Pan In Yuh Pwefen relegated to the night shift on Wack Radio

Was it a Wacky decision to move the very popular show "Pan In Yuh Pwefen" from its Sunday afternoon slot to make way f… Read more

TUN UP | Jus Now & Bunji Garlin | Trinidad & Bristol UK '13

Here is the track that has opened the eyes of may fans recently to Jus Now in the Caribbean region. These guys are known entit… Read more

One Time EP | Jus Now | UK/Trinidad & Tobago 2013

I guess you can tell that I am just loving the vibe produced by the dynamic duo known as Jus Now. Here are the four songs on the… Read more

Bess Ting Anthem | Tong Step Riddim | Laza Beam

This is music from a son of the soil and it is music that you should have heard before. If you never did then get to know the … Read more

Jump Up | LAZA Beam Soca Remix | Trinidad & Tobago

It is the dawn of a new day but I have to step back in time to bring this one to those who follow trinizagada. This mix is not… Read more

Jus Now | B-Traits Guest Mix | BBC Radio 1

Laza Beam (Keshav Singh) out of Trinidad and Interface from Bristol, UK make up the team that is called Jus Now. These guys ar… Read more

Tun Up (Remake) | Jus Now Feat. The iSpaniard Bunji Garlin

This is a wicked production from Just Now, a dynamic duo that simply turn music upside down to give birth to some really mad vib… Read more

Bacchanalist Redux | Kerwin Dubois | Listen Again 2013

Someone kept saying that the music from last year was better than the music for Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival 2013. Hell no… Read more

Ragga Soca | Bunji Garlin | Trinidad & Tobago 2013

If you don't know what real Ragga Soca music is then just listen to this one; and by the way it is titled "Ragga Soca… Read more

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