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First In D'Kitchen by Zachary Ransome | Soca Parang 2022

Image © First In D'Kitchen Project "Better belly buss than good food waste" when it comes to food and Christmas in … Read more

Parang Lime 2021 | Mixed by Dj Jel

Blended images via Bing images. Anyone who grew up in Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada, or Carriacou will tell you that it is not C… Read more

Lie Lie Lie by Rome x Destra | Soca Parang

Image via Bing Images © Sweet Sorrel Riddim. Lie Lie Lie is back for Christmas 2021 with a fun-loving music video. The visuals ar… Read more

Trinidad Parang Classics mixed by A1 Unlimited

Image via YouTube Music Player © A1 Unlimited. We are about to enter the month of December for the year 2021 and while Covid-19 … Read more

D' Parang Riddim Produced by XplicitMevon | Soca Parang

Image via Bing Images © D' Parang Riddim Project. Yes, it is Christmas time again, and we continue the tradition of presenti… Read more

It's Christmas Time by Preedy | Soca Parang

Photo via YouTube video © D' Parang Riddim Project. The youth are always the ones to innovate and bring a new feel, a new vi… Read more

Soca Parang Trinidad | Volume International

Image via YouTube Music Player/Volume International Soca Parang.   It is November and, at this time, Soca and Parang music would … Read more

Soca Parang Mix 2021 | DJ Ninez

It's Christmas time in Trinidad & Tobago; it is time for some Soca Parang! It is that time of the year when Parang music … Read more

Shandy Sorrel Riddim | Parang Soca Trinidad 2013

These songs are a pleasant surprise rising early before the deluge of Carnival Soca music are released for the 2014 bacchanal ed… Read more

Parang Soca | Who created it... Crazy or Frankie McIntosh?

I recently read a thread on where the author alluded to the fact that the sub-genre Parang-Soca was created by St… Read more

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