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Vibes Team by Preedy

Vibes Team by Preedy @Sokah@Soca. If you believe Preedy, then everything for carnival and feting is like eating "ice cream&q… Read more

DNA by Mical Teja: A Contender for Road March 2024?

"Freedom in we DNA," and because of this, we are making a bold prediction: DNA is going to be the monster hit for Carni… Read more

One Stop Shop by Kerwin Du Bois | Soca 2024

Did you hear what Kerwin said? "Everything you want right here, we are the best over here, only the best over here!" In… Read more

Tell Yuh Mudda Now by Bunji Garlin | Soca 2024

No disrespect to all other Soca artists out there; there is no one who can call the game the way it is played, like Bunji Garlin.… Read more

Hard Fete by Mr. Renzo | Spanish Remix

Image via YouTube Music Video © Mr. Renzo/DJ Avalanche/Julian Promos The people and culture of Trinidad & Tobago do not remai… Read more

Oasis by Karene Asche | Calypso 2023

Image via YouTube music video © Karene Asche & N.M.G Music Karene Asche, Calypso Queen of Trinidad & Tobago (2011) is wax… Read more

Freak by Imani Ray x Patrice Roberts | Soca 2023

Images via Bing Images/Email Promotion © 2022 Full Blown Entertainment Company Ltd Omg, Omg, and yes, one more time, OMG! People,… Read more

Family by Fay-Ann Lyons | Soca 2023

Images via YouTube music-video & Bing images © Fay-Ann Lyons x XplicitMevon & N.M.G Music Ohh la-la, this one is sweet! T… Read more

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