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Mical Teja's DNA Triumphs Over Bunji Garlin's Carnival Contract: Roadmarch Winner 2024

Mical Teja, the young and talented singer, songwriter, and producer, has made history by winning the 2024 Roadmarch title with hi… Read more

Bunji Garlin vs. Micah Teja: A Showdown for the 2024 Carnival Road March Title

It's carnival Tuesday and masqueraders are anxious to hit the streets to the sound of sweet Soca music. This is the moment an… Read more

Mical Teja at Calypso Fiesta 2024: Too Little Too Late?

Mical Teja, the reigning Young King 2024, took the stage at the Calypso Fiesta held at Skinner Park, San Fernando, on February 3r… Read more

Mical Teja Crowned 2024 Young Kings Calypso Monarch with DNA

Mical Teja, the singer, songwriter, and producer who has been taking this Carnival season by storm, has won the 2024 Young Kings … Read more

T&TEC Tropical Angel Harps Plays DNA: National Panorama Prelims 2024

The Panorama Preliminary Judging took place on January 23, 2024, and one of the bands that impressed the judges and the audience … Read more

Desperadoes Steel Orchestra delivers a stunning performance of Mical Teja’s “DNA”

The Desperadoes Steel Orchestra, one of the most celebrated and successful steel bands in Trinidad and Tobago, wowed the judges a… Read more

Fete With The Saints: Kerwin Du Bois, Shal Marshall, Mical Teja, Patrice Roberts & Voice

“Fete with the Saints” is an annual all-inclusive carnival event in Trinidad and Tobago, hosted by the St. Mary’s College Alumni … Read more

Large Conventional Bands Preliminaries 2024: RBC Redemption Sound Setters

This is the start of the competition that all steelpan lovers wait for with great anticipation. Today we present the start of the… Read more

The Greatest Carnival by Mical Teja & Keshav | Soca 2024

Are you ready for the greatest carnival of your life? If so, you need to check out the latest soca anthem by Mical Teja and Kesha… Read more

DNA by Mical Teja: A Contender for Road March 2024?

"Freedom in we DNA," and because of this, we are making a bold prediction: DNA is going to be the monster hit for Carni… Read more

Play Forever by Marge Blackman & Mical Teja | Jamoo Soca 2024

One of the latest Soca songs to hit the airwaves is “Play Forever” by Marge Blackman and Mical Teja, two talented artists from Tr… Read more

Runaway by Mical Teja | Soca 2024

"Lorraine doh cry ah leaving; Ah cyah miss dis jammin'" are two lines from the chorus to one of the most popular so… Read more

DNA by Mical Teja | Soca 2024

Yes, Mical Teja & Tano, this is a magical song; indeed, freedom is in our DNA! Yup, Mical is correct. Carnival does bring an … Read more

Welcome to Spicemas 2023 by V'ghn | Grenada Soca

Image via YouTube music video © V'ghn . "Welcome to Spicemas" is a newly released Soca song by Grenadian artist V&#… Read more

Heaven on Earth by Mical Teja & V'ghn | Soca 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video © Spice Boyz & Mical Teja & V'Ghn . The young and very talented Soca stars are teaming … Read more

Hall of Fame by Mical Teja | Soca 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video © Mical Teja   We have posted many Soca songs for Carnival 2023 but this one is special for this bl… Read more

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