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Energy Killers: Our Pick, Our Favorite Groovy Soca for Carnival 2024

Carnival is over in Trinidad and Tobago, but the music lives on! Everyone had "their favorite song" for the season, and… Read more

Life After Fete by Kerwin Du Bois: Play It Safe for Carnival 2024

Image © "Life After Fete" is a perfect example of soca music's ability to create a party atmosphere and… Read more

Sugar Waist by Kerwin Du Bois X Yung Bredda

Everyone needs a little sugar in their lives, for this is one of our favorite songs to groove to for carnivals in 2024. Look no f… Read more

Fete With The Saints: Kerwin Du Bois, Shal Marshall, Mical Teja, Patrice Roberts & Voice

“Fete with the Saints” is an annual all-inclusive carnival event in Trinidad and Tobago, hosted by the St. Mary’s College Alumni … Read more

Energy Killers by Kerwin Du Bois: A Groovy Soca Hit for Carnival 2024

If you are looking for a catchy and upbeat song to get you in the mood for Carnival 2024, look no further than “Energy Killers” b… Read more

Document We by Shal Marshall x Kerwin Du Bois | Soca 2024

If you are looking for a song to get you in the mood for the upcoming Carnival season, look no further than “Document We” by Shal… Read more

Benderella by Kerwin Du Bois | Soca 2024

Today we feature Kerwin Du Bois's latest music release for Carnival 2024 in Trinidad and Tobago. This song, "Benderella,… Read more

One Stop Shop by Kerwin Du Bois | Soca 2024

Did you hear what Kerwin said? "Everything you want right here, we are the best over here, only the best over here!" In… Read more

Life After Fete by Kerwin Du Bois | Soca 2024

This is new musical sweetness from the brilliant Kerwin Du Bois. The song is entitled "Life After Fete" for Carnival 20… Read more

Concentrate by Kerwin Du Bois | Soca 2023

Image via YouTube Music video © Kerwin Du Bois   Today we present new music from up North (from cold, cold Canada); Kerwin Du Boi… Read more

Sorry for Dem by Kerwin Du Bois | Soca 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video © Kerwin Du Bois   Look who is feeling "Sorry for Dem"! Fans of Kerwin Du Bois will be ha… Read more

Looking Back | No Tomorrow by Kerwin Du Bois x Adana

Photo via Edge Browser/JuliansPromos © The Classy Riddim Project   Indeed, who promised you tomorrow? Now let's live up today… Read more

Looking Back | PalmWine Riddim 2022

Photo via Instagram/fullblownentertainment © Full Blown We decided to look back at some of the 'musical niceness' release… Read more

Maxine by Kerwin Du Bois x Full Blown | Soca 2022

Image via YouTube music video © the Palm-Wine Riddim project.   Yes, you can have a good time with Kerwin Du Boi and Full Blown E… Read more

Can You Feel It | Kerwin Du Bois & Shenseea | 2022

'Can You Feel It' Project © all images belong to the production team/Carib Beer. Clever... Carib beer is on the move with… Read more

Soca Sex vs Soca Love | Kerwin Du Bois

OMG... Ok, take a deep breath of air and breathe out! Nice, now let's say this out front if you are a prude and one to cast a… Read more

The Best of Kerwin Du Bois | Dj Close Connections

Photo © ebuzztt Mr. Kerwin Du Bois is the real bacchanalian; his song, entitled "Bacchanalist" is an anthem for Soca mu… Read more

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