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Concentrate by Kerwin Du Bois | Soca 2023

Image via YouTube Music video © Kerwin Du Bois   Today we present new music from up North (from cold, cold Canada); Kerwin Du Boi… Read more

Sorry for Dem by Kerwin Du Bois | Soca 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video © Kerwin Du Bois   Look who is feeling "Sorry for Dem"! Fans of Kerwin Du Bois will be ha… Read more

Looking Back | No Tomorrow by Kerwin Du Bois x Adana

Photo via Edge Browser/JuliansPromos © The Classy Riddim Project   Indeed, who promised you tomorrow? Now let's live up today… Read more

Looking Back | PalmWine Riddim 2022

Photo via Instagram/fullblownentertainment © Full Blown We decided to look back at some of the 'musical niceness' release… Read more

Maxine by Kerwin Du Bois x Full Blown | Soca 2022

Image via YouTube music video © the Palm-Wine Riddim project.   Yes, you can have a good time with Kerwin Du Boi and Full Blown E… Read more

Can You Feel It | Kerwin Du Bois & Shenseea | 2022

'Can You Feel It' Project © all images belong to the production team/Carib Beer. Clever... Carib beer is on the move with… Read more

Soca Sex vs Soca Love | Kerwin Du Bois

OMG... Ok, take a deep breath of air and breathe out! Nice, now let's say this out front if you are a prude and one to cast a… Read more

The Best of Kerwin Du Bois | Dj Close Connections

Photo © ebuzztt Mr. Kerwin Du Bois is the real bacchanalian; his song, entitled "Bacchanalist" is an anthem for Soca mu… Read more

Stress Reliever | Kerwin Du Bois x Destra Garcia

These are difficult times... we are taking a look back and bringing you a track that says it all, time to relieve some of that Co… Read more

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