Energy Killers: Our Pick, Our Favorite Groovy Soca for Carnival 2024

Image via YouTube Music Video © Kerwin Du Bois
Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival may be over, but the music lives on! Everyone had "their favorite song" for the season, and for that reason, we decided to do this post because I too have a favorite song for Carnival 2024. When we looked at all the music released for Carnival 2024, we were pleasantly surprised by the quantity and quality of the songs. Everyone has a favorite artist or favorite artist, and they select their favorite song from that pool. Today, after listening to so many songs, we have selected “Energy Killers” by the talented Kerwin Du Bois as our favorite song for Carnival 2024. This infectious track pulses through the airwaves, infusing revelers with an electric vibe that transcends mere music—it’s a code to live by!

The Song:

  • Title: Energy Killers
  • Artist: Kerwin Du Bois
  • Album: Candy Dance Riddim
  • Produced by: Chinese Laundry & Rishi Mahato of Maha Productions
  • Genre: Groove Soca

The Vibe

Picture this: The sun-kissed streets of Trinidad and Tobago are alive with color, rhythm, and unbridled joy. As the parade winds its way through the pulsating crowds, “Energy Killers” sets the pace. It’s more than a song; it’s a declaration of life. The beat syncs with heartbeats, urging everyone to dance, laugh, and embrace the moment. Barring the fact that I am an extrovert, I am weary of those who can place the proverbial yolk around my neck, weighing me down with negative vibes. Energy Killers creates an awareness that powers me through the day!

The Lyrics:

"I'm only here for a good time. I'm not here forever. You can call me someone who never cares what anybody says. Call me Mr. Nothing; I will deal with that."

These lines resonate like a mantra—a reminder that life is fleeting and we must seize every second. The energy we bring shapes our reality. So, let go of inhibitions, dance like nobody’s watching, and celebrate the sheer vitality of existence. Stay away from negative people and negative vibes, and just enjoy life!

The Carnival Connection

“Energy Killers” isn’t just a song; it’s the heartbeat of Carnival. As masqueraders sway in feathered costumes, their bodies become vessels of pure energy. The streets transform into a canvas of movement, color, and unity. And Kerwin Du Bois, with his magnetic vocals, leads the charge. Hey, this is my story, and I can imagine anything that makes me feel good; just go to the clouds with me...

Why It Matters

In a world that often drains us, this song is a resounding call to recharge and just enjoy life without that which drains us! It reminds us that joy, passion, and connection are our birthrights. Whether you’re on the road, in the office, or simply grooving in your living room, channel your inner “energy killer." Be unapologetically alive. 

Just me:

This is how I feel; this song just resonates with me and helps me cope with all the negative vibes around me. Energy Killers need not be your preferred Soca for Carnival 2024; in fact, it might not evoke the same emotion in you that it does in me; however, such is life. Just know this, I love it!

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