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Scholar Wins Grenada's Calypso Crown | Spice Mas 2018

The defending monarch was dethroned last night at Grenada's Dimanche Gras show/competition; The SMC Gras competition cele… Read more

Grenada Calypso Monarch 2016 | SMC Melody Papitete Results

It is Carnival Sunday in the Spice Isle and that could only mean one thing, King Carnival will reign supreme come Monday mor… Read more

Grenada Calypso Monarch Finals/Results | Spice Mas 2013

Tonight is the night that  the last of the big shows take place at the National Stadium before King Carnival takes to the street… Read more

Grenada Calypso Finalists 2013 | Spice Mas

The following singers will compete for the Calypso Monarch title for Grenada Carnival 2013. Last night at the Grenville National… Read more

Grenada Calypso Semi Finals Tonight | Spice Mas 2013

Tonight nineteen singers will compete for a place in the Grenada Calypso Monarch that takes place on Dimanche Gras night competi… Read more

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