Scholar Wins Grenada's Calypso Crown | Spice Mas 2018

The defending monarch was dethroned last night at Grenada's Dimanche Gras show/competition; The SMC Gras competition celebrated the best of the best from the Calypso fraternity and marked the end of the singing competitions making way for the street parades.

There was much anticipation for this competition with people wondering if last year's monarch was good enough to retain his crown as best Calypsonian for another carnival cycle. Last year's King, Rootsman Kelly (the defending monarch), was soundly beaten into fifth place. From that outcome a new monarch was crowned.

The competition was close; as a matter of fact, the first and second places were decided by just one point! The new monarch, Scholar, just outdid the second place finisher Baraka while Sour Serpent placed third. Last year's monarch placed fourth last night. We have added the King and Queen of the Bands results to this post.

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The first four places and points scored are listed below.
Name of Singer 
  1. Finley Jeffrey - 531 points
  2. Micah Joseph - 530 points
  3. Sean Niles - 511 points
  4. Sheldon Douglas - 507 points
  5. Kelly Clyne - 497 points
  6. Ketura George - 485 points
  7. George McIntyre - 478 points
  8. Elwin McQuilkin - 476 points
  9. Jerry Baptiste - 470 points (Tie)
  10. Jason Joseph - 470 points (Tie)
  11. Gordon Joseph - 442 points
  1. Scholar
  2. Baraka
  3. Sour Serpent
  4. S.Douglas
  5. Rootsman Kelly
  6. Katura
  7. The Messenger
  8. Black Wizard
  9. Pappa Jerry (Tie)
  10. Big J (Tie for 9th place)
  11. Innocent
King and Queen of the Bands results sourced from Now Grenada!

Other SMC Dimanche Gras Results from last night:
King of the Band
1 - 427 points - AJ and Associates
2 - 419 points - Helen Marie and Associates
3 - 393 points - Dazzle Mas Band
4 - 345 points - Spice Spectacle Fusion
5 - 228 points - Rainbow City Mas Makers

Queen of the Band
1 - 434 points - Helen and Marie and Associates
2 - 395 points - AJ and Associates
3 - 389 points - Rainbow City Mas Makers
4 - 359 points (Tie) - Spice Spectacle Fusion
4 - 359 points (Tie) - Dazzle Mas Band

Results sourced from © Now Grenada

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