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Ignite St. Lucia Promo Mix | DeejBlaze | 2019

This is the latest mix added to our recently started Carnival Soca Mixes for  2019. Trinidad and Tobago Carnival has a long li… Read more

Antigua & Barbuda New Music Releases | Carnival 2019

We continue with the tradition of presenting a play-list of the latest music releases for Carnivals in the Caribbean basin. T… Read more

Vincy Soca Boost 2019 | RiddimCastMusic

We just love seeing the words Kick-Start and or Kick-Starter! We have our Kick-Start series (stalled but will be back)! It is… Read more

Vincy Soca Sampler 2019 | Mix-Master DJ Jel

We are back with DJ Jel for another mix-tape; we enjoyed the Trinidad mix-tape and said that we were going to 'run wid it&… Read more

Barbados Crop Over Music Releases | Carnival 2019

Caribbean Summer Carnivals are heating up the airwaves with loads of new music releases. One of our favorite places to '… Read more

Carnival Cool Down 2019 Trinidad & Tobago | Dj Jel

We are heading back to Trinidad and Tobago to relive some really sweet Groove Soca Music. Why? Simply put, we couldn't hel… Read more

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