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Inventor by Olatunji | CalypSoca 2024

Today we present a new song from Olatunji produced by De Red Boyz; this song has potential. In Olatunji's CalypSoca song &quo… Read more

My Island Girl by Shurwayne Winchester ft. The Mighty Sparrow

"My Island Girl" by Shurwayne Winchester ft. The Mighty Sparrow is a soca song that celebrates the beauty of the Caribb… Read more

Song For A Lonely Soul by David Rudder

Blended Abstract &  Photo Images via Bing Images; Photo © King David Rudder.   No one writes a song like David Rudder, no on… Read more

One Lash by Blackie | Trinidad 2022

Image via email promotion/bing images. This one could fall under the banner of CalypSoca with the vocal delivery coupled with a s… Read more

Is Wot (A Tribute to Brother Resistance) | David Rudder

The original image is the property of the 'Is Wot' project/Guardian newspaper (image of Brother Resistance). This is new … Read more

Not De Label Is De Life | Carlton Louison x Sterling Roberts | 2022

Not De Label Is De Music produced by Deer Panteth Productions. Calypso, Soca, CalypSoca may all fit this song but it is up to you… Read more

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