One Lash by Blackie | Trinidad 2022

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This one could fall under the banner of CalypSoca with the vocal delivery coupled with a simple Soca rhythm on the drumkit. Now if you love Calypso music then you would love the use of double entendre for this one entitled, 'One Lash'. No, we are not talking about sharing 'blows' and causing physical pain, this is all about mental pain caused by the actions of one man not thinking and getting caught up with the fascination of his sexual prowess. Maybe it was the fact that he could not handle the Daru (Indian brew) that led to him acting without thinking about the consequences of his actions - c'est la vie! The result of his actions, nine months later can be seen in the caricature for this blog feature. This song was written to put a smile on your face, we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did. 
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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Song Title: One Lash
Performed by: Blackie
Written by: Ronald Forde
Produced by: ****
Mixed & Mastered by: ****

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