Engine Room by Olatunji Yearwood | Soca 2023

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Engine Room is a catchy and upbeat Soca song that celebrates the power and joy of the rhythm section in Caribbean music. The song is performed by Olatunji Yearwood, a Trinidadian singer and songwriter known for his energetic and charismatic style. The song was written by Jason “Shaft” Bishop, Scott Galt, Michael Hulsmeier, and Olantunji Yearwood. It is produced by De Red Boyz, a Barbadian/Trinidadian duo who have crafted many hit songs for Soca artists.

The song starts with a lively introduction of drums, keys, bass, pan, guitar, trumpet and trombone. This sets the tone for the rest of the track. Olatunji then invites listeners to join him in the engine room, where magic happens. He sings with a smooth and hypnotic voice that draws us into his festive vibe. In his praise of the riddim and iron, the man with the Congo drum, and the sync of the steelpan, he praises them. He also encourages us to grab our bottle and spoon and party in the engine room.

The chorus is catchy and easy to sing along to. Olatunji repeats the phrase "in de engine room" four times, followed by "we go jam it steady" and "we go get on wassy". The chorus also features backing vocals by Rochelle Griffith, Olatunji Yearwood, Scott Galt, and Michael Hulsmeier that add harmony and depth to the song. The song has a Rudder-esque throwback feel to it, as it pays homage to Soca music pioneer David Rudder.

The song is accompanied by an official music video that showcases Olatunji's vibrant personality and dance moves. The video features Olatunji performing in front of a colorful backdrop. It also features scenes of him interacting with various people in a carnival setting. The video also highlights the different instruments that make up the engine room, as well as the people who play them.

Engine Room captures the essence of Soca music: fun, lively, and infectious. It is a song that makes us want to dance, sing, and celebrate our culture. It is a song that reminds us of the importance of the engine room in creating Soca's sweet sound.

YouTube Music Release Notes:
Engine Room, the latest release produced by the genius pair of hitmakers known as De Red Boyz and written by the talented and award-winning Jason “Shaft” Bishop, features the one and only Olatunji (aka Ola), who masterfully delivers this track with a soothing and hypnotic ease that gets us to embrace this festive vibe, laced with an undeniable Carnival energy. Engine Room gives us yet another reason to come together and find a way, as a community of creators and supporters.

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Music/Production Notes:
Song Title: Engine Room
Performed by: Olatunji 
Produced By: De Red Boyz
Written By: Jason “Shaft” Bishop, Scott Galt, Michael Hulsmeier, and Olantunji Yearwood
Drums: Michael Hulsmeier
Keys: Scott Galt
Bass: Nicholas Brancker
Pan: Terry “Mexican” Arthur
Guitar: Miguel Charles and Barry “Barman” Hill
Trumpet: Kevyn Lynch
Trombone: Jomo Slusher
Backing Vocals: Rochelle Griffith, Olatunji Yearwood, Scott Galt, and Michael Hulsmeier
Mixed and Mastered By: Andrew Denny

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