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Nutrien Silver Stars delivered a stellar performance of Olatunji's "Inventor"

Last night, the Nutrien Silver Stars Steel Orchestra played their hearts out for their adoring fans. The band played Olatunji'… Read more

Massy Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra dazzles with Inventor

The Massy Trinidad All-Stars Steel Orchestra delivered a stunning performance of Olatunji’s “Inventor” for the preliminary round … Read more

Cool Down by Olatunji | Soca 2024

"Cool Down" is a groove-soca song by Trinidadian artist Olatunji, released in 2023 as part of the Hard Rock Riddim. The… Read more

Spirit Waist by DJ Private Ryan x Mela Caribe x Olatunji | Soca 2024

If you are looking for a song that will make you want to dance and feel the heat of the carnival, then you need to check out Spir… Read more

Bodyguard by Olatunji | Soca 2024

Today, Soca2Soca is playing catch-up with posts for songs released for Carnival 2024 in Trinidad and Tobago. One of the people… Read more

Inventor by Olatunji | CalypSoca 2024

Today we present a new song from Olatunji produced by De Red Boyz; this song has potential. In Olatunji's CalypSoca song &quo… Read more

So High by Sheriff & Olatunji | Soca 2024

Sheriff and Olatunji's 2024 Soca song "So High" is about the experience of falling in love. The song's lyrics c… Read more

Hard Rock Riddim Ft. V'ghn, Olatunji, Skorch Bun It and Rae | Soca 2024

Image via Bing Images © Jason JG Gilbert, AdvoKit Productions. The newly released Soca music album "Hard Rock Riddim" i… Read more

IOU by Olatunji x DJ Spider | Soca 2024

Image via YouTube Music video © DJ Spider/Olatunji.   Regarding this music, I'm undecided. It doesn't really excite me at… Read more

Celebrating Well-Endowed Carnival Women | Big by Olatunji

Photo via YouTube Music Video/Befunky Reproduction © Olatunji/Precision Productions Caribbean carnivals are beautiful because eve… Read more

Engine Room by Olatunji Yearwood | Soca 2023

Image via Bing Images © De Red Boyz/Olatunji Yearwood Engine Room is a catchy and upbeat Soca song that celebrates the power and … Read more

Engine Room by Olatunji | Soca 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video/Text added using Picasa © De Red Boyz/Olatunji Yearwood The Engine Room is the rhythm section of a … Read more

Rock It Riddim by Dj Spider | Soca 2023

Photo via YouTube Music Video © Dj KquickLive/Rock It Riddim Project. Today we present the "Rock It" Riddim produced by… Read more

Demboca Riddim Produced by 2MV & Keshav | 2022

Image via YouTube Video © Demboca Riddim Project. We have a boxing day music release that will make you feel like moving the furn… Read more

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