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The One That Got Away | Antics by Fay -Ann Lyons 2023

Images via Bing Images © Fay-Ann Lyons   This is the one that got away at Carnival 2023 in Trinidad and Tobago! Seriously now, d… Read more

Celebrating Well-Endowed Carnival Women | Big by Olatunji

Photo via YouTube Music Video/Befunky Reproduction © Olatunji/Precision Productions Caribbean carnivals are beautiful because eve… Read more

Wake Up by Joshua Ali x Samantha Johnson | Soca 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video Don't let the vibe fool you, this is a gospel Soca track. It may sound like a Power Soca track.… Read more

Sounds of Carnival/The Mix Up Vol 52 | DJ Kevin

Image from YouTube Music Video © DJ Kevin   It is Friday and today is Saint Patrick's Day celebrated around the world. Having… Read more

Engine Room by Olatunji Yearwood | Soca 2023

Image via Bing Images © De Red Boyz/Olatunji Yearwood Engine Room is a catchy and upbeat Soca song that celebrates the power and … Read more

Soca Brainwash 2023 | Welcome Home

Image via YouTube Music Video © DJ Private Ryan 2023 On the heels of posting DJ A.N.G. Soca Savage 2023, we have another mix tape… Read more

Soca Savage 2023 | DJ A.N.G.

Image Via YouTube Music Video © DJ A.N.G. It has been a while since we featured a mix tape with the latest Soca tracks. Today we … Read more

Hall of Fame by Mical Teja | Soca 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video © Mical Teja   We have posted many Soca songs for Carnival 2023 but this one is special for this bl… Read more

Blackout by White Wine | Soca 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video © White Wine/Roadway Records Don't ever let the winter blues make you back down from having a g… Read more

Fuh Spite by Kes | Soca 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video/BackgroundsForFree   That is all she wrote people, no need to look anywhere else for the song that … Read more

The Return by Voice x Alison Hinds | Soca 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video © Voice x Alison Hinds/Badjohn Republic   Look trouble, it looks like it is going to be road wars f… Read more

The Dragon Lady aka Lady Gypsy 2023 | Lynette Steele

Image via Caribbean Insight Television © CITV If you have been searching for the prominent Soca artists' songs on YouTube you… Read more

Carnival I Miss You by Zachary Ransome | 2023

Image via email blast © Zachary Ransome/Aaron Duncan Young and talented, that is Zachary Ransome. Today we feature Zachary's … Read more

Show Me Your Label by Precision Productions x Red Royale | 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video © Carib Carnival/Precision Productions Yes, Precision Productions is back in the game with a track … Read more

Night Shift Riddim by N.M.G Music | Soca 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video © N.M.G Music   Oh me, oh my... we have some really good music to launch the weekend. Just today I … Read more

Soca Starter 2023 by Dj Private Ryan | Return to The Mecca

Image via YouTube Music Video © Dj Private Ryan/Soca Starter 2023/Return to The Mecca If you follow West Indian style carnivals a… Read more

Engine Room by Olatunji | Soca 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video/Text added using Picasa © De Red Boyz/Olatunji Yearwood The Engine Room is the rhythm section of a … Read more

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