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Soca Music Releases Today 11.29.2022 | Soca 2023

Wow, the new music is flooding the scene now. Today we have too many releases to post individually. This post features nineteen n… Read more

Want It Back by Farmer Nappy | Soca 2023

Image via YouTube Music video © Julians Promos/Farmer Nappy/De Red Boyz Farmer and De Red Boyz is the recipe that this singer use… Read more

F U C Wine by Crazy | Soca 2023

Image via YouTube music video © Crazy/The Rose Wine Riddim Edwin Ayoung must be a marketing genius or just crazy. After all, his … Read more

Soca Riddims Mega Mixes 2023 by DjKquickLive

Merged images via Bing Images © DJ KquickLive & Socago/RapidBeatsStore DjKquickLive mixes the latest Soca Riddims for carniva… Read more

Feel It by Genelle Bharat | Soca 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video © Feel It Music Project Carnival is on the horizon and with that comes the deluge of new Soca songs… Read more

Never Again by Machel Montano | Soca 2023

Images via Bing/YouTube Music Video © Happy Daze Riddim/Machel Montano. On October 22nd, we posted the Happy Daze Riddim songs fo… Read more

The Vibe by Dj Private Ryan x Terri Lyons | Soca 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video © Dj Private Ryan x Terri Lyons Everyone has a favorite male and, or female artist. When it comes t… Read more

Stiletto (Safari Remix) by Dj Private Ryan x Sekon Sta | Soca 2023

Image via YouTube music video © Dj Private Ryan/Sekon Sta When music is nice, and when it is sweet but it did not get a fair chan… Read more

Remains by Keshav

Images via Bing & Juno Music player © Keshav  This is new music out of Trinidad & Tobago from the artist known as Keshav;… Read more

Endurance by Nadia Batson | Soca 2023

Bing Images © Endurance Music Project/XplicitMevon/Nadia Batson Wow, I can't imagine that we missed this one last month... we… Read more

Dominicana Riddim by Teamfoxx | Soca 2023

Image via Background4free & YouTube music video © Dominicana Riddim/Teamfoxx The "Dominicana Riddim" comes out of t… Read more

Vibe for the Night by Holla Bak | 2022

Images via Bing Images  This is new music released by Holla Bak out of Barbados. This is an interesting song and one that will ha… Read more

Soca 2023 Party Mix Down Riddims by Dj Rudy Productions

Image via YouTube music video © Dj Rudy Productions Everyone is asking about "the new music" for Trinidad's carniva… Read more

No Feting Behavior | DJ Private Ryan & Sekon Sta | Soca 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video © Battalion Music  This song reeks of Carnival fun and vibe. This should be one of the more popular… Read more

Kings of the J'ouvert by 3Canal feat. Dev & Shaft | Rapso 2023

Image via YouTube music video © Kings of the J'ouvert music project. This is a Rapso release for Carnivals in 2023. What is R… Read more

Most Wanted Riddim by System 32 | Soca 2023

Image via Bing Images © Most Wanted Riddim Project/System32/DjKquickLive (MegaMix) Today we feature the "Most Wanted Riddim&… Read more

First In D'Kitchen by Zachary Ransome | Soca Parang 2022

Image © First In D'Kitchen Project "Better belly buss than good food waste" when it comes to food and Christmas in … Read more

Rum Punch Riddim by: XplicitMevon | Soca 2023

Image via YouTube music video © DjKquickLive/Rum Punch Riddim Production/XplicitMevon Rum Punch is a drink for all seasons but to… Read more

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