The Esther Dalton Foundation | Embracing The SteelPan

We have wonderful news to report on the steel-pan front. We have contacted the "Esther Dalton Foundation" regarding the featuring of the work they do with our youth; the goal of the foundation is to harness the virtues of and make use of the steel-pan 'as an instrument that can help youth thrive'. 

We are thankful that we have been given the green light to use information from their "Facebook Fan Page". However, and this is what we are excited for and about is a cooperative venture whereby the Foundation will send articles for posting on our site. We simply want to compliment the work that they do and help provide steel-pan information as it relates to the youth and pan in general. 

We are excited and hope that you will keep an eye on our site as well as the "Esther Dalton Foundation Fan Page" on Facebook. Our posts will provide more in-depth information while the Facebook pages will provide links to these articles. 

Once again we are thankful for the opportunity to extend the work of the Foundation and hope that you take this opportunity to journey with us as we provide additional information regarding our beloved instrument and the youth movement that will take our beloved national instrument into the future.

Use the comment feature of this post to share your views regarding this path forward. All comments will be posted. Please don't forget to visit us on our 'Facebook Fan Page'. Use the search term @sokah2soca and don't forget to "LIKE US". We are also on Twitter and are now using Instagram; don't forget to #Sokah2Soca and Enjoy!

About the Esther Dalton Foundation:
We're supporting the development of steel-pan artists, building communities, and helping to create new leadership possibilities for Caribbean-based youth.

Here are two examples of the work featured by the "Esther Dalton Foundation"

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