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Trinidad & Tobago and Carriacou were the first two countries to experience Carnival Tabanca for the year 2018... now everyone is feeling the pain!

What is the answer? How should carnival lovers deal with this uncomfortable feeling? One could simply sigh and wait for the next carnival installment in another country or simply wait for 2019 to highlight that new feeling all over again.

Wait, there is more,  and this is where we come in, you can relive every moment through the music. We have the music!

The fact that new music releases for carnivals in 2019 are slowly being released helps but there are those who love to reminisce about the festivals they just experienced. Today we present a mix-tape loaded with music that some of you may not be familiar with... especially if you come from Trinidad and Tobago. Carnival Done 2018 is the mix-tape for the moment and we want you to play it, vibe with it to help bring back sweet carnival memories.

Yes, we can confirm that Carnival Tabanca is a real thing... however, this mix is the cure! Featuring music from Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Grenada, Bermuda & Antigua (a few Trini tunes too)! Check it out because, as mentioned above, some of the songs may feel 'new to some of you'. See, now the fire is burning brightly in your carnival soul once again. Enjoy!

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 Carnival Done 2018 Play-List:
1.      Madness Again (DJ Rusty G Dubplate) – King Bubba FM
2.      Funky Business – Fimba
3.      True Story – Lil Rick
4.      Push Back – Peter Ram
5.      Juice – King Bubba FM
6.      Trending – Shal Marshall
7.      De Baddest – Scrilla
8.      De Road – Problem Child
9.      Roughness – Marzville
10.    Tek Off yuh Clothes – Majah Hype, Lil Rick & King Bubba FM
11.    Backway – Verseewild
12.    No Glass Back – Hardware & Hard Ears
13.    No Lazy Body – Patrice Roberts
14.    Work on You – Problem Child & Terrah Dan
15.    Ben It –Lil Rick
16.    Hover It – Lil Rick
17.    Under Dawg – Booty Bounce
18.    NBGA (No Boring Girls Allowed) – Stiffy
19.    Wine After Wine – Hypa Sounds
20.    Sugar Lump – Lil Rick
21.    Feting Family – Mikey
22.    Trouble in the Morning – V’ghn
23.    Whole Night – L Pank
24.    Attitude – Holla Bak & Skinny Fabulous
25.    Loyal Side Man – Blackadan
26.    Gifted – Dash
27.    Thank God for Soca – Pappy Boi
28.    Tombstone – Mandilla Linkz
29.    Mudda Sally – Lil Rick
30.    Bajan Style (Trample It) – King Bubba FM
31.    Lies – Stiffy
32.    X – Ezra D’ Funmachine
33.    People Man – Kisha & Mata
34.    Bacchanal – Freezy
35.    Mr. Prickle – Black Boy Ft. Big Sea
36.    Foot Apart – Big Red
37.    Go Dong – JoJo
38.    Ben Dong For D Hmm – Krome & Nassis
39.    Pete – Jay Budz, Messi, XL
40.    Spin Like Two Shillin – Zoomboy
41.    Amen – Fireman Hooper
42.    Total Oblivion – Ricardo Drue
43.    Soca Defenders – Skinny Fabulous
44.    Up Straight – Skinny Fabulous
45.    MashUp Challenge – Luni Sparks & Electrify
46.    I Ent Giving Up – Lil Kerry
47.    Wasted – Soca Ray
48.    Coconut Water – Shabba
49.    Action – Lil Natty, Thunda & Lavaman
50.    Stand up Dey – Tallpree
51.    Get in Yuh Section – Lil Natty & Thunda
52.    Manager – Jus D
53.    Jiggle Jiggle – King Bubba FM
54.    90’s Honda – Jus Smoove
55.    Camo – Miguel
56.    Sugar – Jus D & Faith
57.    Who Drinking – Maloney
58.    Sweetness – Marzville
59.    Only Thing She Know – Jus D
60.    Wine Down Low – Yannick Hooper
61.    Country – Biggie Irie
62.    Wifi – Ricardo Drue
63.    Hole – Jus D
64.    Morning Vibez – Lil Rick
65.    Pour Anudda Shot – Leadpipe & Saddis
66.    When You Passing – Ricardo Drue
67.    Glorious – Lyrikal
68.    Juck Fuh Dat – iWeb
69.    Too Sweet – Holla Bak
70.    Tiney Winey – Joaquin
71.    Correction Time – Jagwa De Champ
72.    Rod of Correction – Nish Ft. Stiffy
73.    Face Down – Jagwa De Champ
74.    Trouble – Salty & Travis World
75.    Land Work – Blackboy
76.    For Me Please – Freezy
77.    Two Clap – Subance & Mighty
78.    Parle Bow – Blackboy Ft. Youth
79.    Teddyson John -  Vent
80.    Hello (DJ Rusty G Dubplate) – Kes
81.    Catch Feelings – Nadia Batson
82.    Aye Yo – Sekon Sta
83.    Holding On – Turner
84.    Feeling For Ya (DJ Rusty G Dubplate) – Jay III
85.    Overdue (DJ Rusty G Dubplate) – Erphaan Alves
86.    Full of Vibe – Voice & Marge Blackman
87.    Year for Love – Voice
88.    Take it Slow – Machel Montano
89.    Champions – Turner
90.    Ups & Downs – M1
91.    Riddim in Ya Back – Stiffy
92.    Ultimate Jam – Joaquin
93.    Love on the Road – Ponaflex

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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Song Title: Carnival Done 2018
Mixed by: DJ Rusty G

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). No copyright infringement is intended! We encourage you to promote the artists and their music; please don't download and share the music and rob the artists of needed income! Music for sale should be purchased while music distributed for promotion purposes should be treated as such and not shared!
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