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Break It | Marzville | Crop Over 2018

Have you been wondering what the hell is happening with the new Crop Over music releases? Well if you were then welcome to ou… Read more

Groovy Soca Mix-Tape 2018 | Mix-A-Tron

If you have an ounce of Caribbean blood oozing through your veins then you are drawn to Soca Music. Then again you may have a… Read more

Work | Lutenants | UK 2018

The Melody Brothers are back on track with a nice flowing vibe entitled "Work". This is new music, released for Wor… Read more

DJ Jel | Two Mixes Weekend Treat | 2018

We are not going to complicate this post. It is the Easter Holiday weekend in Trinidad and Tobago and it is time for some fun … Read more

Carnival | Stoney | Spice Mas 2018

Spice Mas is beginning to impact the Caribbean music scene with new music releases for Carnival 2018. Many songs will be rele… Read more

Smackdown | Slatta | Spice Mas 2018

From Carriacou to Grenada, we are not sticking with the hit songs. We know that Slatta will be bringing his complete musical … Read more

Certain Tingz (Wakanda) | Lavaman | Spice Mas 2018

This is one of those songs that people will gravitate to for various reasons. Wakanda is certainly a good reason (a world phen… Read more

Me Voy | Rika Twins | Panama Soca 2018

Atención... Tenga en cuenta que puede traducir esta publicación al español usando el botón de traducción de Google. Se encuen… Read more

My Life Is Golden | Mad King | Saint Vincent 2018

We have another music release from Saint Vincent for Vincy Mas 2018. The name of the song is "My Life Is Golden" sun… Read more

Mary Jane | Skarpyon | Saint Vincent 2018

Today we post a new music release for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Summer Carnival 2018. This one is entitled "Mary … Read more

Saturday | Ultimate Rejects | Trinidad & Tobago 2018

We are starting the weekend with a new music release from Ultimate Rejects entitled "Saturday". If you had a rough w… Read more

Envy | Fitz | Saint Vincent 2018

Today we embark on a journey up the islands leaving Grenada for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. We arrive in Saint Vincent … Read more

Real Life | K.Rich | Batabano Cayman Carnival 2018

Batabano is Carnival and it you weren't aware of it then try #CaymanCarnival for your search criteria to find out what it… Read more

Feeling Good | Sheldon Douglas | Spice Mas 2018

I woke up this morning and was so thankful that I was able to see another day. I praised the one who gave life to me and smil… Read more

In De Morning | Slatta ft. Lavaman | Spice Mas 2018

We are just loving the Dry Peas Riddim! This is Slatta ft. Lavaman with a song entitled "In De Morning". This is ne… Read more

Carnival Love | Mr. Gold'N | Spice Mas 2018

Today we are back with music produced by Xpert Productions. This one, entitled 'Carnival Love' was vocalized by the a… Read more

Look Jab | Taxi Boi & SqueezeHead | Spice Mas 2018

We need your attention because we have new music for Grenada's upcoming carnival 2018. Jab is the trademark for Spice Mas… Read more

Can You Wine | Edwin ft. Subance | Saint Lucia

We are hanging tough with new Lucian Soca for festival 2018. This is new music from Edwin featuring Subance. These guys are mi… Read more

Throw Bumper | Ricky T | Saint Lucia 2018

Ricky T is one of the creative souls creating music in Saint Lucia. Stratosphere Muzic have a hit artiste and a hit song that … Read more

Mating Call | Olatunji x Stadic | Trinidad & Tobago 2018

Damn, this one blindsided me but then again it hit the sweet spot so I am  not complaining. This is new music from Olatunji x … Read more

Good Up Good Up | Problem Child | Saint Vincent 2018

'Problem', we have a problem! Hell no, this song has a wicked vibe... 'Problem', we don't have a Problem… Read more

Anchor | Chopikal | Trinidad and Tobago 2018

Did you ever think that someone would take Machel Montano's hit song 'Fast Wine' and spin it to produce a smooth t… Read more

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