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If you have an ounce of Caribbean blood oozing through your veins then you are drawn to Soca Music. Then again you may have a preference for Groovy or Power Soca music. Today we enter the love zone or to be politically correct "The Groove Zone"!

If you have a preference for Groovy Soca then this mix-tape by Mix-A-Tron will set the mood for a very pleasant evening. We chose this mix because there are many Groovy Soca tracks that you may not be familiar with included here. It is ideal and we applaud the DJ for his music selections. 

Of course you may find a song that you really like missing from the mix. For that reason we have listed the songs in the mix for your convenience. If you don't see your song in the listing then please leave a comment with the 'missing song' and the reason you think that is should have been in the mix!

If after listening to the mix you are interested in listening to more mixes (18 additional mixes from Trinidad and Tobago's 2018 carnival)  from this talented DJ out of  the double T,' aka sweet TnT, then please link to the following post: Soca Riddims (Mix-A-Tron) | Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2018.

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Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). No copyright infringement is intended! We encourage you to promote the artists and their music; please don't share the music and rob the artists of needed income!
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Track list: Song/Artist
  1. Body - Kes
  2. Mood ft Abdiel - Mark Hardy x Yung Rudd  
  3. Come My Way (Unlax Riddim) - Kris Kennedy x Travis World 
  4. Body Drugs (Unlax Riddim) - Erphaan Alves x Travis World 
  5. No Love (Unlax Riddim) - Preedy x Travis World
  6. Be My Baby (Unlax Riddim) - GBM Nutron x Travis World
  7. Yuh Bless (Caribbean Rock Riddim) - Lyrikal
  8. Every Gyal (Caribbean Rock Riddim) - Skinny Fabulous
  9. Full Of Vibe (My Decision Riddim) - Voice x Marge Blackman
  10. Feteland (Haze Riddim) - Kerwin Du Bois x Kes
  11. Gimme Dat (Haze Riddim) - Teddyson John
  12. She Bad (Remix) - Turner x Machel Montano
  13. Queen Of D Pack (She Badda Riddim) - Kyron
  14. Millionaire (She Badda Riddim) - Pternsky 
  15. Holding On (She Badda Riddim) - Rick J
  16. Feel Right - 5 Star Akil
  17. Day One Dawgz (Parallel Riddim) - Prince Swanny 
  18. Say Yea (Parallel Riddim) - Preedy 2.0
  19. Baila Mami (Parallel Riddim) - Nailah Blackman 
  20. Whine Up (Happiness Riddim) - Black Shadow x Polancapapop
  21. Work (Happiness Riddim) - Black Shadow x Mr. Vegas
  22. Right Here (Happiness Riddim) - Black Shadow x Skinny Fabulous
  23. Take It From Ya (Happiness Riddim) - Black Shadow x DJ Noire
  24. Worth The Wait ft. Nadia Batson x Pternsky - Nadia Batson x Pternsky (Martian Music)
  25. Catching Feelings (Folklore Riddim) - Nadia Batson
  26. Aye Yo (Folklore Riddim) - Sekon Sta
  27. Hello (Folklore Riddim) - Kes
  28. Holding On (Folklore Riddim) - Turner
  29. V For Vacation (Nicetime Riddim) - Pternsky
  30. Doh Wanna Leave (Nicetime Riddim) - Fireball
  31. 9 (Radio Edit) - Jus D
  32. Wining School (Physique Riddim) - Preedy 
  33. Rough Wine (Physique Riddim) - Rough Wine 
  34. Your Body (Physique Riddim) - Samantha J 
  35. Overdue - Erphaan Alves
  36. Combine ft. Clinton Sparks - Kes ft. Clinton Sparks
  37. Tingo - Nessa Preppy 
  38. In D Party - Iwer George 
  39. Splinters (2am Project) - Shal Marshall
  40. Middle Of Something (2am Project) - Problem Child
  41. Like It Like That (2am Project) - Kes & Patrice 
  42. Take It Slow (Upendo Riddim) - Machel Montano
  43. Year for Love (Upendo Riddim) - Voice 
  44. Hey Mama (Upendo Riddim) - I-Octane
  45. Champions (Upendo Riddim) - Turner 
  46. Ups and Downs (Upendo Riddim) - M1
  47. Where Would I Be (Body Talk Riddim) - Kes 
  48. Connect (Body Talk Riddim) - Gregory Ayuen
  49. Caro (Body Talk Riddim) - Demarco 
  50. Give It To Ya (Gummy Bear Riddim) Marzville 
  51. Feel Alright (Gummy Bear Riddim) - Iwer George
  52. Give It To Yah (Gummy Bear Riddim) [Remix] - Marzville x Skinny Fabulous
  53. The Break Up Song (Jack Frost Riddim) - Ricardo Drue
  54. Expensive Liquor Jack Frost Riddim - Shanta Prince
  55. Advantage Of Me (Jack Frost Riddim)- Lil Rick 
  56. Mile High (Jack Frost Riddim) Teddyson John
  57. Welcome Home (Jack Frost Riddim) - King Bubba FM
  58. Bad Man (Jack Frost Riddim) - Skinny Fabulous
  59. Wicked (Jack Frost Riddim) - Tony Bailey
  60. The Baddest (Jack Frost Riddim) - Joaquin Brewster
  61. Love You So (Vas Riddim) - Orlando Octave
  62. Keep Up (Vas Riddim) - Marlon Asher
  63. With You - 5 Star Akil 
  64. Church Gyal - Orlando Octave
  65. Adrenaline Rush - Marvay
  66. Freak - Shurwayne Winchester x System 32
  67. O'Lawd Oye - Nailah Blackman
  68. Forever Isn't Promised - Bad Royale x Kes
  69. I Shall Return - Kes
  70. Fire - GBM Nutron 
  71. Criminal Wine - Lyrikal x Patrice Roberts x Millbeatz
  72. Rude Wayz - Lyrikal 
  73. Family - Destra Garcia
  74. Friend Is A Friend (Nasa Project Riddim) - Patrice Roberts
  75. Classic One (Nasa Project Riddim) - The NASA Project 
  76. Save Me (The NASA Project Riddim) - Shal Marshall
  77. We Don't Care - Mr. Vegas
  78. Doh Judge Meh (Ukulele Riddim) - Terri Lyons 
  79. Fling (Ukulele Riddim) - CollegeBoy Jesse
  80. Somebody - Destra Garcia
  81. Wine Wine Hush Yuh Mouth (Sugar Down Riddim) - Benjai 
  82. Cant Wait For It - Shurwayne Winchester
  83. Ride It (Sweet Wink Riddim) - Valene Nedd
  84. Nothing Else (Sweet Wink Riddim) - Kiko Dan 
  85. Sweetest Whiner (Sweet Wink Riddim) - Shortpree
  86. Do It Already (Sweet Wink Riddim) - Pupa Leendi 
  87. No Personal (Sweet Wink Riddim) - Lavaman
  88. We Run D Show (G-String Riddim) - Jojo
  89. Back Yuh Bumpa Here (G-String Riddim) - Infamousk & Squid
  90. Carnival (G-String Riddim) - Kyron 
Bonus Mix
We did not just want to leave you with only Groove Soca Vibes without a mix-preview of some of the biggest tracks released for carnival 2018. This is a mix of the early music releases for Trinidad and Tobago carnival 2018.

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