DJ Jel | Two Mixes Weekend Treat | 2018

We are not going to complicate this post. It is the Easter Holiday weekend in Trinidad and Tobago and it is time for some fun as you head to the play ground to beat up on a "bobolee"!

The first mix-tape is entitled "This Is Soca". This is an early release music sampler.
The second mix-tape, entitled "Soca Take Over" groove songs in the heart of the season.

These two mixes represent some of the hottest music releases for Trinidad and Tobago carnival 2018. Now press play and pump up the volume! Enjoy...

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  Press Play then check out the play-list at this link: DJ Jel This Is Soca 2018

Press play then check out the play-list at this link: DJ Jel Soca Take Over 2018

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