Saint Lucia Calypso Monarch Winner 2017 | The Mighty Pep

The results are in for Saint Lucia's National Calypso Monarch Competition. After two rounds of Competition 'The Mighty Pep' was judged champion calypsonian for Carnival 2017.

Desmond Long aka 'The Mighty Pep' is now an eight time champion Calypso Monarch for Saint Lucia. He sealed his win/won the title singing the following songs: "Why I Die" and 'Fraid the Doctor'. 

The Mighty Pep held off strong performances from Solange, Morgie, Nintus and Herb Black. Congratulations are extended to all competitors and to the winner 'The Mighty Pep'.

Here are the Official Results:
  1. The Mighty Pep (Calypso Monarch 2017)
  2. Solange 
  3. Morgie 
  4. Nintus and Herb Black (Tie)
The following video performance were posted by THINK Forward. These are the two songs sung by 'The Mighty Pep' that won him the monarch title once again. 

Why I Die - Mighty Pep (posted by THINK Forward)

Fraid D Doctor - Mighty Pep (posted by THINK Forward)

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