Groovy & Power Soca Monarch Results 2017 | Saint Lucia

The Saint Lucia Groovy and Soca Monarch competitions are now in the record books. The show was broadcast live and free via the Internet (on Facebook) last night. We have the results!

We added the winning performances and the studio recording for comparison purposes. Please note that Ricky T's winning song 'Drunk & Disordly' is also known as 'Drunkard'. 

Groovy Monarch Results for Carnival 2017
  1. Arthur - Over & Over
  2. Nerdy & Shemmy J - Bouncing
  3. Q-Pid - Boss Lady
  4.  Ricky “Teasel” Joseph aka 'Ricky T' - Sully

Power Soca Monarch Results for Carnival 2017
  1. Ricky “Teasel” Joseph aka 'Ricky T' - Drunkard - 392 points
  2. Islah Man - Drunk & Disorderly -389 points
  3. Esra D Fun Machine - Give Thanks - 365 points
  4. Surbance - Bad In Bum Bum - 358 Points

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