Chutney Soca Fiasco | Stolen Melodies | Trinidad & Tobago 2017

Busted! The main Chutney Soca Music producers have been caught with their pants down and it is very shameful! Many of the new Chutney Soca music releases that we enjoy listening have stolen Bollywood melodies... just watch the video presentation of Ram Jai.

This is a Copyright Infringement Problem and the Chutney Soca Artists better get their act together! Come on people that which this YouTube video exposed is a damn shame! At Sokah2Soca we will support our local talent but we are too damn talented a people to do something like this!

Sigh... it is wide spread! We have posted most of the songs in this video expose and asked the listening public to support these songs/artists. We never gave thought to the melodies or thought that the music was stolen. Shame on the music producers!

The video does show the artists who have produced original music and kudos to them. However, the majority of the songs have stolen melodies. We are so disappointed. With the exception of some in the Indo Community, the majority of us won't know the difference until someone produces the source of the melody.

We will continue to post Chutney Soca music. It is our hope that the music producers learn form our Soca music producers. There is so much new music this year and there is not reason for stealing work. Enough now... time to change!

Now we have the Chutney Soca Monarch Competition coming up soon. Let's hope that the show organizers only reward original content. As a matter of fact, the government of Trinidad and Tobago should mandate that sponsorship of the competition will only take place if original compositions (lyrics and music) become the norm. Then and only then will tax payers money be given to support the show!

YouTube Music Video Notes:
Thanks for watching and becoming aware of whats happening to our Chutney Soca industry. Too many are unaware.Stand up for your genre and lets do better than this. No more stealing melodies, no more rum songs, and no more degrading women.

Lets end this nonsense and put out good, clean, original music for this years Chutney Soca Monarch and every year to come. Hope CSM stands with the people and for the people. Don't settle for less. Its your Culture
© Ram Jai

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). No copyright infringement is intended! .  We encourage you to promote the artists and their music; please don't share the music and rob the artists of needed income!
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Chutney Soca is a Lie Stolen Music From Bollywood Artists from India!!!

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‏قال Bitter…
So long that happening. I play some chutney a few years back for an Indian co-worker, he was telling me what song it come from. Say what, I still enjoy when the jep sting Naina
‏قال غير معرف…
I would caution your reaction, only because you are talking about the issue from the perspective of piracy and copyrights. If that is the case, you will also have to fault "traditional" chutney songs which recycle a limited amount of Bhojpuri folk song melodies that came from the regions where Indians were indentured to the Caribbean. You need to understand the role of Hindi film music in shaping Indian music culture and identity in the Caribbean to understand why Bollywood melodies have been borrowed. The bottom line is that ALL culture is appropriated and reinvented so this concept of "originality" does not truly exist. What chutney soca is doing is making the music, whether Bollywood melody or ancestral folk melody, relevant to a contemporary generation in a contemporary context, particularly through lyrics that speak specifically to (Indo-)Caribbean realities and sounds that are identifiably (Indo-)Caribbean.