Slackness | Kev | Saint Vincent 2014

Mystie Thongs wrote about Kev's "suave vocal style" as she introduces this talented resident of Saint Vincent to music lovers seeking sweet Caribbean vibes. This song, entitled "Slackness", brings a refreshing groove to quiet all the noise and fill the musical void for upcoming Summer Carnivals in the northern Caribbean region.
The writing skills of Kevon 'Kev' Alleyne, Danielle Veira & Kasey Phillips and the creative juices from the Precision camp combined to produced musical agave or for those who like the buzz for auditory awareness, musical honey! This is the type of release that tells everyone else that a quality song and an artist with class has arrived; indeed this is a statement song - sweet and fulfilling!

"Slackness" is a production of Precision Productions and the sweetness of the music and Kev's suave vocal rendition will definitely have the Vincy masses wanting to groove with some significant other when this track drops in a party setting or carnival fete. This song is sweet and I really like the vibe... excellent track!

Press Release:
Mid-April, and deep within the island paradise of Bequia, Creative Entertainment Group Inc. hosted Precision Productions alongside its own artists in its first ever regional writing camp. Writers, musicians, and producers were all secreted away and left in this inspiring environment working together, with the freedom to explore all of their creative compulsions.

Happily, the outcome of this venture was much more successful and enlightening than any of the participants could have predicted. In fact it was quickly revealed that if there was one thing every islander had in common, it was the enthusiasm with which they looked forward to and enjoyed their respective Carnivals.
The ability to liberate their bodies, as they sink deeply into the hypnotic music created specifically for the festivals, was a pleasure embraced by all.

Some may think of it as "Slackness" but in reality it is purely their innate response to the vibrant celebrations.
In this latest release, Kevon 'Kev' Alleyne used his suave vocal style to bring this feeling to life. Born in Trinidad and Tobago, he is one of Creative Entertainment's artists, however, he has made St. Vincent his home since 2005, and it is the place where his music career has blossomed.

Kev also wrote on this track along with Danielle Veira, another talent within Creative's cadre, while Precision Productions produced this smooth mix of spice and rhythm. This premiere single makes one thing abundantly clear; the writing camp held in Bequia can definitely be classified as a triumph of music and Caribbean unity for the musicians in attendance as well as for anyone who loves amazing music. 
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Production Notes:
Song Title: Slackness
Performed by: Kevon 'Kev' Alleyne
Written by: Kevon 'Kev' Alleyne, Danielle Veira & Kasey Phillips
Produced & Mixed by: Precision Productions
Live Bass by: Rodney Alexander
Additional Vocals by: Geniene 'G3M' Brown
Vocals Recorded at: JR Music Studio by Dougal 'Fresh' Allen, St. Vincent & KMP Music Lab. Trinidad

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