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Can't Believe | Mr. Gold'N/Xpert Productions | Grenada 2014

If you love to listen to sweet Soca music then you have to pay attention to songs produced by Mr. Xpert out of Carriacou! Today … Read more

Cyah Miss It | Tian Winter | Antigua 2014

Tian Winter, "WeMad" and Precision Productions have teamed up to bring you this sweet track from this ace singer out o… Read more

Party Hardcore | Skinny Fabulous feat. Diplo | Vincy Mas 2014

This is new music for Vincy Mas 2014! The song is entitled "Party Hardcore" with Skinny Fabulous on lead vocals featur… Read more

Vaval Empire Riddim | Studio 758 | Saint Lucia 2014

The Lucians are flooding the airwaves with new music for their upcoming Summer Carnival 2014  (and yes we know the Caribbean has… Read more

Light Up | Skinny Fabulous feat. Kerwin Dubois | SVG 2014

This release is a remix of Skinny Fabulous' track entitled "Light Up". This time around the remix he has the voi… Read more

Endless Summer | KES the Band | Summer 2014

This is the much anticipated Summer release from "KES the Band" with lead singer Kees Dieffenthaller delivering a v… Read more

Slackness | Kev | Saint Vincent 2014

Mystie Thongs wrote about Kev's "suave vocal style" as she introduces this talented resident of Saint Vincent t… Read more

Daddy Money | Bunji Garlin | Trinidad & Tobago 2014

1st. Klase, Bunji Garlin, Dwala and Mice have teamed up to bring you new music out of Trinidad and Tobago. This combination of… Read more

One Night Stand | Kevin Lyttle feat. Maddzart | Saint Vincent 2014

This is not "Turn Me On"... indeed this is the team of singers who brought you "Turn Me On" that became a tr… Read more

Doh Hold Back | Teddyson John | Saint Lucia 2014

Here is something new for Saint Lucia's Carnival 2014. The song is entitled "Doh Hold Back" and it comes from the … Read more

Bacchanal Rampage | Ezra | Saint Lucia 2014

This is new music from the artist known as Ezra for Saint Lucia Carnival 2014. This is the first song that I have heard that &qu… Read more

Light Up | Skinny Fabulous | Saint Vincent 2014

This is new music created by Kubiyashi with lead singer Skinny Fabulous for Vincy Mas 2014. This song, entitled "Light Up&q… Read more

Home | Fya Empress | Saint Vincent 2014

Here comes Vincy Royalty out of Tobago! This is new music from Lornette Nedd Reid better known as Fya Empress for Vincy Mas 2014… Read more

Born To Win | Problem Child & Patrice Robers | SVG 2014/T'dad 2015

'Born to Win' is the latest release from Problem Child for Saint Vincent and The Grenadines Summer Carnival 2014. The … Read more

We Ain't Goin Home | Claudette Peters | Antigua 2014

This is new music from the singing female sensation out of Antigua; indeed this is the vibe of the one and only queen of Soca … Read more

Drink Ah Juice | Fya Empress | Saint Vincent 2014

This is new music for Saint Vincent Carnival 2014. The song comes from the very talented Saint Vincent born but Tobago resident … Read more

Nah Succumb | Maddzart | Saint Vincent 2014

If you are a fighter and a survivor then you can play yuhself to this one from the very popular artist known as Maddzart. This i… Read more

Soca Man | Fireman Hooper | Saint Vincent 2014

Vincy Mas is breathing new life with the new music coming out for this year's Summer Carnival 2014. The featured song for … Read more

We God Bless | Emrand Henry | Saint Lucia 2014

Yes patience is a virtuous thing indeed. I  waited for one that I liked and this one fits the bill! This is new music from the a… Read more

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