Socadrome Live on Carnival TV | Free Stream Trinidad 2014

If you want to see live Carnival Parade of the bands today then Carnival TV has Socadrome (Jean Pierre Complex) live and free for you at the following link:
Carnival TV/Live Stream

Yesterday, Carnival Monday, was not a good day for those who wanted to see the street mas in Port-of-Spain because there was no live feed from the City. Instead, you got what can only be called "country mas". The Television feeds covered some of what took place outside of the City. If you were a foreigner thinking about visiting Trinidad to experience the "The best freestyle street parade" then the available streams would have defeated that purpose by a knockout... I would not go Trinidad to be a part of what was shown on those streams!

The stream from Carnival TV will help dispel the harm done by the Monday streams.  However, this is not the main feed. The main carnival parade of the bands takes place at the Queen's Park Savannah in Port-of-Spain. This venue is the place to be and is better known as the "Big Stage". The venue at "The Socadrome" helps. There should be another feed for the Savannah venue (Big Stage).

Check the national television feeds for a stream from that venue. However, I believe that the anything coming from the Queens Park Savannah is Pay Per View (PPV) today! The cost of the feed is $25.00!

For now enjoy the free stream provided in High Definition from the Socadrome thanks to the people at Carnival TV. Here is the Link again:
Carnival TV/Live Stream

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‏قال Vushung…
Yuh post wrongside. It have a very good stream from the savannah both days, but not for free.

Also, the "Country Mas" in Caripichima was very good. Carnival is not only in town.