Machel Montano dominated Trinidad's Road March | 2014

This "Ministry of Road" ensured that any "Truck on the Road" was swiftly dealt an early knock-out punch. Indeed it was an early knockout and the signs were easy to ascertain on Carnival Monday - Carnival Tuesday was just a formality - this was a resounding victory for Machel Montano!

This maddening runaway victory - a trashing victory!
Machel Montano's "Ministry of Road" (MOR) swept the road march race in Trinidad and Tobago.  I am being very kind to label the competition a "race" since Machel's song was played 374 times at the various judging points over two days. The second place song, "Big People Party" by Farmer Nappy, was a distant second with 59 plays followed by Benjai's "Come Out To Play" that was played just 39 times over two days at the official judging points. It was a convincing victory by Machel and his "Ministry of Road". 

The people behind the music!
As the season gained momentum it was clear that "Ministry of Road", written by Jelani "Pops" Shaw, Kasey Phillips, Nikholai Greene and Machel Montano would be a difficult song to beat on the road. The song produced and mixed by  P.A.G.E, Precision Productions & Machel Montano simply steam-rolled the competition. 

What happened to the "Truck On The Road"?
Now what ever happened to Bunji Garlin's "Truck On The Road"? This song really had its followers when it was released. I, for one, thought that this song would create a headache for Machel Montano on the road. I thought that 'Truck On The Road' was road march bound. However, that was not the case! Machel and his team set the trap and created 'Ministry of Road' to trap any Truck that dared to travel on that Ministry of Road - lesson learned!

Crème de la crème - The Winner is...
Congratulations are extended to Machel Montano HD and his team that wrote, produced and mix the "Ministry of Road".
  1. Machel Montano - Ministry of Road played 374 times at various judging stations
  2. Big People Party - Farmer Nappy - 59 plays
  3. Come Out To Play - Rodney Le Blanc aka Benjai - 39 plays
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