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No Stushness Allowed | Nessa Preppy | Trinidad 2014

Sometimes being 'stush' or acting is a conceited or bitchy manner can give one the needed edge to bring attention to y… Read more

Come Out Of Your Shell | Jonny | Saint Lucia 2014

Here is a recently released Power Soca track for the upcoming Saint Lucian Carnival celebrations. The name of  the singer is Jon… Read more

Can't Wait | General Bakes | Saint Lucia 2014

If you are a fan of Power Soca music and wondered what the 'Lucians' have in store for their upcoming festival then this… Read more

Macaroni Gyal | Crocodile | Saint Lucia 2014

Flip the script and bring about phase two of the 'fat gyal versus slim gyal' but keep it familiar and milk the subject d… Read more

Drop It | Gorg | Crop Over Kadooment Barbados 2014

Crop Over always brings good music for the Kadooment Summer festival out of Barbados. The lyrical content, the music style aka &… Read more

Hyprocrite | Pringles (Superman HD) | Saint Lucia 2014

The upcoming summer carnivals in the Caribbean region appears to be off to a slow start. Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival had … Read more

Nah Fight | Valene Nedd | Grenada 2014

Here comes Grenadian artist Valene Nedd to join Vincy artist Banco on the 'WAWAN Riddim' produced for Saint Vincent an… Read more

Wine Go Down | Banco | Saint Vincent 2014

This is new music for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The name of the artist is Banco and the song is entitled "Wine Go D… Read more

All Night Long | Busy Signal | Bacchanal Jamaica 2014

Bacchanal Jamaica takes place on April 27, 2014. I am sure that many of the readers may be heading to Jamaica to participate i… Read more

Boring Youth | Ezzy Rattigan | Antigua Summer Festival 2014

Image via YouTube. This is new music from the man who gave us "Golden Cup" for Antigua's 2013 Carnival celebration… Read more

Carnival Wrap Up | Chromatics | Trinidad & Tobago 2014

Trinidad and Tobago's carnival is over but just about everyone had something to say... good, bad or otherwise. This song e… Read more

Good Hole | Not an auspicious start for Lucian music 2014

I am sure you heard the song "Good Oye" and loved it, but today we have one that you would love to hate and hate to lo… Read more

Piece Ah This | Keith Currency | Vincy Mas 2014

This is new music for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Carnival 2014. The name of the artist is Keith Currency and the song is e… Read more

Hit & Run | Jamsey P | Saint Vincent 2014

Here is a taste of Saint Vincent music from the artist known as Jamesy P. He is the artist who brought you "Nookie" in… Read more

Friendship Riddim | Stratosphere Muzic/Dutch Productions | SLU 2014

Saint Lucia's Carnival for 2014 is officially scheduled for the month of June. Carnival Monday is June 9, 2014 and today we … Read more

Calypso Monarch 2014 Kankalang | Was Mr. Shak Robbed?

He say, she say and 'dem say' has a way of creating problems especially when there appears to be some sort of impropriet… Read more

Trinidad & Tobago's Carnival Results | 2014

Now that Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival is part of history everyone is interested in 'the results' for the various c… Read more

Machel Montano dominated Trinidad's Road March | 2014

This " Ministry  of Road" ensured that any "Truck on the Road" was swiftly dealt an early knock-out punch. I… Read more

The Truth about the International Soca Monarch | T'dad 2014

The following article was sent to this site (TriniZagada) by a friend (on-line user names Vushung/Bitter) . It is a very intere… Read more

Lock It Down Until 2015 | T'dad & Tobago's Carnival is Over

Lock it down and start the counter for the dawn of Carnival 2015 because Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival for 2014 is over - g… Read more

Socadrome Live on Carnival TV | Free Stream Trinidad 2014

If you want to see live Carnival Parade of the bands today then Carnival TV has Socadrome (Jean Pierre Complex) live and free fo… Read more

Chucky is the new Calypso Monarch of T'dad & Tobago 2014

Congratulations to Mr. Roderick Gordon on his well deserved victory tonight of Calypso Monarch of Trinidad and Tobago. He was ex… Read more

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