Happiest Man Alive "HMA" Official Video | MMHD 2014

I don't ususally dedicate a post for a video release since I post a video that I like on the side bar. However, this is Machel Montano's much anticipated video release for HMA (Happiest Man Alive). The video is a good production but I have to point out something  that Machel did not really address in the video.

OK, the video concept started off good but then he went to this place where he met these exotic ladies and from that point I think he did not address the Carnival and the Happiest People today. Don't you think that the Happiest Man Alive should be playing mas in Trinidad? This song is a Carnival release and the video should have taken 'The Happiest Man Alive and dropped him in a band with loads of beautiful women on Carnival day.

The other thing is that the dancers are clearly professional dancers. They are not wining the way Trinidadian and Caribbean women do it. Did I like watching them? Hell yes! However, I think this video would have been so much better if "The Happiest Man Alive" found his way in a band on Carnval day with all those georgeous women dancing, wining and having a damn good time..

Enough talk, let's take a look at the video and enjoy it... I know what you are saying.. "damn yuh just cyar please these people eh!" So let's give Machel credit for a well produced video! Bunji's Differentology video was a disaster but this one managed to hit most of the right spots!

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