Chutney Soca Monarch Semi Finalists | Trinidad 2014

Last year's Chutney Soca Monarch, Raymond Ramnarine, will defend his title next Saturday February 1, 2014 despite being short changed $200,000.00 of last year's first prize purse. Despite all the name calling and blame placed for the first prize 'short change' the show will go on as scheduled. This year the promoter of the event, George Singh, promises to host the biggest show to date (maybe some of that expenditure should be used to pay KI).

During the semi final round text votes will be allowed and will account for 20% of the total score. The other 80% will be awarded by a judging panel at the show. So are you ready for the bacchanal to start? Below is a player with most of the songs that will be sung on the night of the competition - if you plan to watch then you should listen to the music provided by the player on this post.

From Chutney Soca Monarch Facebook Page:
The Semi Finals 43 contestants features 14 Non-Indos, 7 collaborations between Soca and Chutney artistes, contestants from USA, Canada, Guyana, Switzerland and T&T with the youngest being 20 years old and the eldest at 70 years of age. 

The event will be streamed via the internet to the world, and people will be able to vote this weekend from USA, Canada, Guyana and all networks in T&T. 

You can also vote online from anywhere in the world. Please share this with your friends on Facebook #chutneysocamonarh
@end facebook press release: Facebook/Chutney Soca Monarch

The following soundcloud music player provides a sampling of the songs that the artists may/will sing for the semi final competition.

The following is a listing of the semi finalists in alphabetical order. Check the listing to see if your favorite artist is in the competition. The show will be streamed live on the Internet. Check your favorite social media for the site streaming the show (I will update the post to provide the site/video feed).
Name of Singer
  • Adesh Samaroo
  • Amit Sooknanan
  • Anand Yankeran
  • Blaxx
  • Chucky Gordon
  • Crazy
  • Daddy Chinee
  • Dave Lall
  • Edward Ramdass
  • Heaven
  • Hunter
  • Hemlata Dindial
  • Jerry Singh
  • Junjeezy
  • Kavita Maharaj
  • Kenneth Supersad
  • KI Persad
  • Marisa Deodath
  • Marva Mackenzie
  • Moses Charles
  • Nadia Madoo
  • Natalia Wohler
Name of Singer
  • Nathaniel Jude
  • Neeshad Sultan
  • Nisha Ramkissoon
  • Nishard Mehru
  • Olatunji
  • Omadath Maharaj
  • Prophet Benjamin
  • Ravi B
  • Reshma Ramlal
  • Rick Ramoutar
  • Rikki Jai
  • Saleem Beharry
  • Sally Sagram
  • Sara Ramkalie
  • Shiva Lakhan
  • Shurwayne Winchester
  • Soca Elvis
  • SW Storm
  • Terry Gajraj
  • Vedesh Sookoo
  • Veekash Sahadeo
See the listing of the the finalists at the following link: Chutney Soca Monarch Finalists 2014

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