Sparrow is ALIVE contrary to Internet rumors of his demise

Today numerous reports of Sparrow's demise were spreading on the Internet. I too saw a report on islandmix stating that "The Birdie" died today. This rumor mill was dispelled on Wack Radio 90.1 in Trinidad with a statement from Sparrow's life long friend Calypsonian Rose. Calypso Rose also spoke on Wack Radio via telephone conversation (live on air) around 5:35 pm with radio host Damion Melville to dispel the rumors of Sparrow's death.

Around 5:15 pm, in the Wack Radio Shoutbox, someone who knows Sparrow well and has called into the station on behalf of Sparrow several times posted the following conversation in the shout-box...
"I also confirm that 'The Birdie' is alive but still in a coma! He is stable, so all those stories on the Internet are not true. At this time we should all say a prayer and smile for 'The Birdie'. Rest assured... Yuh never saw him without a smile on his face!"

I also enjoyed reading a post by another person who comes to the Shout-Box whenever he has something important to say. This is what he had to say...
"Sparrow 'doh' ever leave ah Stage until he Good an Ready...and when he does leave, it is 'tuh ah' Standing-Ovation..."

The Birdie aka "The Mighty Sparrow" is alive but fighting for his life in a Queen's hospital in New York City. Everyone is asked to say a prayer for his recovery. Here is a sweet 30 minutes of some to this great singer's music... enjoy the music and continue to prayer that "D'Birdie" continues to improve!

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