Machel Montano vs Super Blue | Student vs Teacher | 2013

We are only left with speculation regarding a showdown between Machel Montano and Bunji Garlin. That would have been sweet to have 'The Fog' battle something different, something called 'Differentology' - that will not become a reality! However, the battle lines have been drawn and the date is set when Machel Montano HD will come up against a beloved legend name Austin "Super Blue" Lyons. Who will prevail? Well this is one that we will get a chance to witness come Fantastic Friday.

It appears that everyone has already crowned Super Blue Power Soca Monarch by default simply because of the popularity of his song titled 'Fantastic Friday'. However, Machel Montano HD plans to float away and fog up Fantastic Friday, the show! He believes that when the results are announced he will prevail. The stage is set for the Soca battle supreme like we have not seen in years simply because of the return of Super Blue.

It is apparent that every one's attention will be on the Power Soca segment of the competition even though the Groovy segment has the better talent and songs. However, it is the battle between the teacher (Super Blue) and the student (MMHD) that has all the hype. Super Blue will try to conquer and reclaim territory that once exclusively belonged to him. Do you think that he has what it takes to dethrone a young, vibrant and confident singer like Machel Montano?

So how do these two artists stack up against each other as it relates to competition? Well if you look below it is a 'no-brainer' because Machel has some way to go to achieve what Super Blue has during the early part of his career. However, for the upcoming competition I don't know how Super Blue intends to dethrone Machel Montano, a man who is in his prime and has the talent and music to win it all again. Everyone is a Super Blue fan today for many reasons. I have a good feeling that MMHD will gain the respect of many if he does the double this year especially in the very competitive Groovy Soca category.

Anyone who loves Soca music will be watching the Super Blue vs. Machel Montano slugfest for the Power Soca Crown and it will be a good night for the Soca Monarch competition. Whom do you think will win it all? Don't be surprised if there is an upset on Fantastic Friday. Enjoy the Show!
Road March Winners
1980 - Blue Boy - Soca Baptist
1981 - Blue Boy - Ethel
1983 - Blue Boy - Rebecca
1991 - Super Blue -Get Something and Wave
1992 - Super Blue - Jab Jab
1993 - Super Blue - Bacchanal Time
1995 - Super Blue - Signal To Lara
2000 - Super Blue - Pump Up (Tie/Iwer George)

Power Soca Winners
1993 - Superblue - Bacchaanal Time
1994 - SuperBlue - Flag Party
1996 - Superblue - Bounce
1997-Superblue-Barbara (Tie/Ronnie McIntosh)
1998 - Super Blue - Ato Party
2000 - Super Blue - Pump Up

Groovy Soca Winners

Possible Winning Song (Power Soca)
Fantastic Friday - Super Blue
Road March Winners
1997 - Machel Montano - Big Truck
2006 - Machel & Patrice - Band of the Year
2007 - Machel Montano - Jumbie
2011 - Machel Montano HD - Advantage
2012 - Machel Montano - Pump Yuh Flag

Power Soca Winners
2011 - Machel Montano - Advantage
2012 - Machel Montano - Pump Yuh Flag

Groovy Soca Winners
2012 - Machel Montano - Mr. Fete

Possible Winning Song (Power Soca)
Float - Machel Montano

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