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Here is an interesting site to visit... the Virgin Islands Carnival Committee home page with the current listing of events for the Carnival festivities. Today Sunday April 15, 2012 is Calypso Revue at 8:00 pm from the Lionel Roberts Stadium. Check the site information for live streaming events for this years carnival that runs from March 31, 2012 to April 28, 2012.
Here is the page link for live streaming of events: Live Stream Link.
The following information is from the "About Us" link on the website but please take a look at the events schedule  at the following link: Events Schedule.

Vision Inspired Conduits of Culture
The Virgin Islands Carnival Committee, Inc., represents a body of individuals whose fundamental quest is the preservation of Virgin Islands culture and the development of tourism through activities surrounded by the practice of Carnival.

Although the group was formed for the revival of Carnival on St. Thomas during 1952, it was not officially incorporated until March of 1976. The corporation is now run by a Board of Directors comprised of the following officers: Chairman, Vice-chairperson, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, Correspondent and the Recording Secretary. The Executive Director and the Executive Assistant are the only two full time employees and they are responsible for the day to day operations of the corporation.

There are 19 sub committees, each tasked with the development of a specific element of Carnival The chairpersons of these subcommittees along with the Board of Directors are voting members of the corporation. In addition, there are several coordinators who are appointed to positions as deemed necessary by the Chairman of the Carnival Committee.
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